Introducing blood:water belt

Some days I feel like Jekyll and Hyde.  One day I’m talking about a TV show, the next about being radical, yesterday I posted about going to a celebrity meet and greet and today I’m talking about something entirely different.  It may seem like two sides but I assure you they are of the same coin.  I’m passionate about whatever I’m into.  I’m either into it full force or I’m not.  Yes, I get on bandwagons but I enjoy them while I’m there and I really I don’t know any other way to do it.  So I have all these parts of me but all of them are me and all of them I’m passionate about but there are some that are close to my heart and some that aren’t.

This is going to be one of those close to my heart.

When I wrote that post on Tuesday about the first chapter of Radical I really had no idea what would  happen.  I definitely cringed a little hitting the Publish button hoping I wouldn’t look the fool asking someone to buy a belt for charity.  But God moved and my friend Dani “bought” the belt.  She’s donated $28 to blood:water mission!  Hooray!    That one post and one belt just helped 28 people in Africa.

They like it!

Well, apparently God had something a little bigger planned than 28 people because Tuesday night after Dani bought the belt, my passionate/addictive/entrepreneurial mind kicked into high gear and I could not quit thinking about it.  I sent her an email the next morning and said, what if we made this like the Sisterhood for the Traveling Pants but for the belt and everyone donated to blood:water mission in order to take their turn with it?  What if everyone took their picture with it and we posted it? What if we had a map? What if we made a goal to have 28 people do it?  What if we had a journal to pass along with the belt? The questions wouldn’t stop and the cool thing is, we were on the exact same page.  She couldn’t stop thinking about it Tuesday night.  And then I told Scott about it and he was like “do it and that’s a direct order.”  And no, I’m not really joking. hahahaha  Seriously.  Not joking.

Dani came to pick the belt up Wednesday night and we started making plans.  By now, as you can imagine, I can whip up a blog quick-fast-in-a-hurry and I have one put together for this. (Yes, I realize I was scaling back but maybe because I needed time for this?) We’ve named the belt and site blood:water belt (Scott wants you to know he came up with that name) and will create a Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt.  Each person that joins will “buy” the belt by donating, have the belt shipped to them for wear and pictures (can’t wait to see other people in it!) before sending it on.

I don’t know how long this will last.  I don’t know if it’s just teaching us two belt-lovin’ gals a little lesson but we have to give it a shot.  I have to do something more and if selling the belt to one person was a little step, this might be the next 2 or 3.  I’m serious about being Radical.  I’m serious about helping the poor.  I’m serious about making a difference.  If it comes through a belt, then so be it.  All I know is 56 lives (yes, I donated and joined too :) will be changed because of just the two of us and I’m ready to see how many more.

I think she is too.

If you think you could be a part of it or know someone who would (probably someone who used to send you a chain letter HA), would you consider joining the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt or sharing about

It’s an awfully cute belt!!



  1. I will totally do it, not for the belt, but because I believe in you and the things you do. And I think that’s a GREAT cause.

  2. I’m in! Going to think of something really cool I’m doing to photograph it with …

  3. I. Am. So. In.

  4. I feel that way, too – one day I’m talking about the bajillion TV shows I’m hooked on and the next I’m talking about how poor people make me so sad. Then I’m talking about God and then I’m back to food or cooking or cheese.

    Especially when I think about Compassion and their blogging trips (see: our current Twitter banter), I wonder if it’s okay to show ALL of me. I like the way you sum it up, though: you’re passionate about a lot of things, but some of it is closer to your heart than others. Good word, friend!

    • So glad to know someone feels the same. And I do think about what I post especially regarding the Compassion trip. I want to do it SO bad.

  5. I am so in!!!!

  6. Is this something you are trying to keep local? I love the idea (Although there is NO way your skinny belt is going to fit around not-so-skinny me! I’ll have to photograph it on Leila) and would love to be included.

  7. Love this post, and I totally just signed my life away on the Belt Blog. I’m going to need help even figuring out how to put it on!!

    • I love that…the Belt Blog. Of course we couldn’t think of anything that short and snazzy :) THANK YOU again for joining!

  8. What a fantastic idea! Go God!

  9. Okay, you know that short and snazzy title (the B— B—) you liked? PLEASE IGNORE. I just went there and, um, it’s a porn site. Eek.

    • Yikes?! It doesn’t sound like a porn site.

      • Well. Um. You’d get it if you saw the picture on the front page. Bleck.

        Soooooo excited about this, Amy!! Isn’t God awesome?!?! Wouldn’t it be cool if we had all kinds of fashion accessories flying around the country in the name of giving clean water to God’s precious children???

        • Yes, it really would. I’ve already been thinking on it but I think I have to get through this one. We have 25 people signed up in just 12 hours!

  10. That is stinkin’ awesome. Go easy, girl. Don’t get burnt out. We’ve got time. :)

  11. So you know I’m in! :) when I get back from the beach Monday I will be able to go to the website and donate. I love how this is taking off!!!!


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