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Sharing Blood Water Belt Story

Reposted from my blog Permission to Peruse

I had the pleasure to share the story of the Blood Water Belt as part of an illustration for our church’s sermon on generosity.  I filmed it last minute the night we got back from Disney at our place in Florida (check out the storms happening behind me!).  I thought I’d share the video and point you to the full sermon so you can see how it was tied in.  Click over to our church’s site and check out Week 3 of the Wise Man Says series.  Below is the unedited video I shared with them.



I’m still in awe He would take my faults and turn it into something good.

Donate Now for a Matching Gift

I’m so excited about an update from Blood:Water Mission I just received.  They have received a limited time grant where all donations over the next 30 days are 100% MATCHED.  That means your $28 will now impact 56 people!

If you have not made your donation, please consider going ahead and doing that in the coming weeks so we can make the biggest impact possible.  Blood:Water Mission is trying to raise $75,000 during this time and I’m so excited we could be a big part of that!

Blood:Water Belt – Shipping Info

The belt has been shipped for the first time and heading to Alison in Ohio! Woo Hoo! Dani did a great quick tutorial on how to package and ship it to the next person. Please check it out, it has some great info in it.

Message from Blood:Water Mission

Got a note from Blood:Water Mission after registering this effort as a custom campaign on their site and wanted to share some snippets with you.  As they request, please make a note of your donation being part of Blood:Water Belt in the comments of the donation page.  For those that have already donated, I’ve sent them a note letting them know who you are.

All of us here are really excited about Blood:Water Belt – what a neat idea! I’ve really enjoyed reading through the stories on your website.

We want to let you know that we’ve set up a tribute, so if you could make sure that anyone else who donates for your cause puts “Blood:Water Belt” in the memo, we can have all of the gifts grouped together.

Awesome!  Thanks again to all!


I have to make it official and say we have met our goal (and more!) of 28 people that have joined the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt and I know more are coming!  Thanks again to all of you.

And help?  Should we make a new goal!?

Opening Day Wrap-Up

I know I speak for Dani as well and I can’t begin to tell you how amazed and shocked and thankful and humbled I am tonight. Do you see that list over there?  Do you see that map up there?  Twenty-five of you said yes.  Twenty-five of you clicked a Join button today.  You believe in this idea and let me tell you, it’s nothing short of a miraculous answer to prayer.  Sitting in my living room Wednesday night we were SO hopeful but the doubts were creeping in.  Our prayer last night was that people would just have tender hearts toward the cause and I think that happened today.  I mean, our far-off, ultimate goal was to send this to 28 people.  And we have that many people (a few have not registered) signed up in a day.  784 people impacted in a day!  And this is just the beginning.  You are simply the early adopters of this idea.  As the belt is passed and others hear of it, I hope and still pray that others will want to join us.  The fun is just beginning.  So thank you.  Thank you for answering that call and saying yes.  I just can not wait.

From an administrative perspective, a few things I want to mention:

  • I added an email account, Facebook Page and Twitter account.  I’m sure my friends/followers are thankful!  Please go follow/like us!  It will be great to connect with all of you and be able to provide you with updates as we go along this process.
  • Because we all signed up at once, we will all need to be careful of the turn-around time of the belt.  I certainly don’t want anyone waiting 6 months for a turn.  There are a few ladies in my area that are going to take a turn before we start the shipping.  Most of our NJ friends are holding a belt party and that will relieve some of the wait time so thank you, ladies for doing that!   If you have friends that are in your area that want the belt, we will definitely “move them up the list” so you can pass it around town.  It will save us all shipping time and expense.
  • Also with the number we want to take extra care of the belt as it’s being passed.  We are still planning on raffling it off to one of you when we get to the 28th person.  If you have any other suggestions on that please let us know.  Just because of the beading we’re a little worried about it becomes a pile of beads if we keep it going.

As I finished typing this 25 just became 26 and I”m overwhelmed all over again.  THANK YOU!!!

Opening Day Mid-Day Report

Wow!  I’m blown away!  We have NINE wonderful ladies that have stepped up in just the few hours the site has been launched.  I will be adding you to the sidebar today!  Dani and I are so thankful!  That is $252 earmarked for blood:water mission!!!  All from one belt and in one morning!  Wow!  God is good!

I have some really cool news out of New Jersey.  If you are in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Deanna Ryan Photography has agreed to take your picture in/with the belt for FREE!  So exciting!

Here are a few questions I’m getting:

What size is the belt?

It’s considered a one size and is 28″ and stretchy!  Please don’t feel like you have to take a picture with the belt on though whether it would fit or not. Ultimately this is about the donation to blood:water mission.  There is also a journal in the package you can participate in and I personally would love to see some other creative pictures with the belt.  I might just take some pictures of of the belt on my dog or kids or even husband before it moves on!  Plus your participation just might spark participation in a whole new group of people.

Do I have to donate before I sign up?

Nope!  You can wait until it’s your turn to get the belt to donate.  So, depending on how many sign up and how long it takes for shipping, it could be weeks before you’ll need to pay.  With 9 people already signed up, it could be at least 2 months if everyone takes up to a week with it (which we hope not).

Other notables

Liz is thinking of doing a belt party with her girlfriends.  Melissa is thinking of wearing it somewhere special out of town!  Make this fun…charity does not have to be dull and boring!

And THANK YOU for participating!

Introducing blood:water belt

As I sat down Tuesday to write some posts on my blog, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  The first post I had planned was a review of Chapter 1 of Radical for a Read-Along that Marla Taviano is hosting.  It’d been a few weeks since I read through so I had to flip through the chapter again to get the gist.  The second post I had planned was something light and fun…a post on a super cute belt I had gotten from Anthropologie last weekend.  It actually was my first purchase from there and I was feeling awfully swanky.

But as I wrote the first Radical post conviction lay heavy on my heart about that belt.  I mean, here I was summarizing how the poor needed us and I had just spent $28 on a belt I’d probably wear a handful of times.  In fact, when I looked it up, that $28 could have given 28 Africans clean water for a year.

During that post, I offered to sell the belt, even though it was new and shiny and cute, for the price I paid just days before and all the money would go to blood: water mission.  I couldn’t take back the belt and get back my money but I could “sell my possessions and give to the poor”.  It wasn’t all my possessions but it was step.

One of my best friends Dani jumped at the chance that day.  She knew she HAD to be the one to buy it.  And then, God stepped in and wouldn’t leave either of us alone that entire night.  I sent her an email the next morning and said, what if we made this like the Sisterhood for the Traveling Pants but for the belt and everyone donated to blood:water mission in order to take their turn with it?  What if everyone took their picture with it and we posted it? What if we had a map? What if we made a goal to have 28 people do it?  What if we had a journal to pass along with the belt? The questions wouldn’t stop and the cool thing is, we were on the exact same page.

I don’t know how long this will last.  I don’t know if it’s just teaching us belt-lovin’ gals a little lesson but we have to give it a shot.  We want to create the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt where we pass along this blood:water belt to raise money for blood: water mission.  Each person will have a turn to get the belt, wear it, take a picture, write in the journal, donate and then pass it on.  We’ll be posting your picture and blog posts and adding your star to our Sisterhood map.

When I posted that my only goal was that would someone please, please, please buy that belt.  I cringed as I pushed the Publish button hoping not to look the fool trying to do something good and not being able to get anyone involved.  Well, God showed up and moved my friend Dani and then he moved both of us to this site.  I’m still cringing a little as we’ve set the goal to having 28 people in the Sisterhood, raising a total of $784.  784 changed lives in Africa.  Through a belt.  I’m happy to look the fool trying than not do anything.

So are you in?  Will you join the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt?  Will you choose to make a difference for 28 Africans?

If so, get more information on how it works and sign up here.

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