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Sharing Blood Water Belt Story

Reposted from my blog Permission to Peruse

I had the pleasure to share the story of the Blood Water Belt as part of an illustration for our church’s sermon on generosity.  I filmed it last minute the night we got back from Disney at our place in Florida (check out the storms happening behind me!).  I thought I’d share the video and point you to the full sermon so you can see how it was tied in.  Click over to our church’s site and check out Week 3 of the Wise Man Says series.  Below is the unedited video I shared with them.



I’m still in awe He would take my faults and turn it into something good.

Apologies to Mandy who sent this in weeks ago and I didn’t see the email.  Mandy was one of the first ladies to jump on board and I’m so glad to see her in it!

May 28 more people be blessed!

Look at this gorgeous picture of our West Coast girl, Jennifer!

May 28 more people be blessed!

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