Hi, you’ve found blood:water belt.  This blog is an attempt to raise money for blood:water mission and a reminder and effort to live Radically.

This is the text from the Introduction Post of the blog…

As I sat down Tuesday to write some posts on my blog, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  The first post I had planned was a review of Chapter 1 of Radical for a Read-Along that Marla Taviano is hosting.  It’d been a few weeks since I read through so I had to flip through the chapter again to get the gist.  The second post I had planned was something light and fun…a post on a super cute belt I had gotten from Anthropologie last weekend.  It actually was my first purchase from there and I was feeling awfully swanky.

But as I wrote the first Radical post conviction lay heavy on my heart about that belt.  I mean, here I was summarizing how the poor needed us and I had just spent $28 on a belt I’d probably wear a handful of times.  In fact, when I looked it up, that $28 could have given 28 Africans clean water for a year.

During that post, I offered to sell the belt, even though it was new and shiny and cute, for the price I paid just days before and all the money would go to blood: water mission.  I couldn’t take back the belt and get back my money but I could “sell my possessions and give to the poor”.  It wasn’t all my possessions but it was step.

One of my best friends Dani jumped at the chance that day.  She knew she HAD to be the one to buy it.  And then, God stepped in and wouldn’t leave either of us alone that entire night.  I sent her an email the next morning and said, what if we made this like the Sisterhood for the Traveling Pants but for the belt and everyone donated to blood:water mission in order to take their turn with it?  What if everyone took their picture with it and we posted it? What if we had a map? What if we made a goal to have 28 people do it?  What if we had a journal to pass along with the belt? The questions wouldn’t stop and the cool thing is, we were on the exact same page.

I don’t know how long this will last.  I don’t know if it’s just teaching us belt-lovin’ gals a little lesson but we have to give it a shot.  We want to create the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt where we pass along this blood:water belt to raise money for blood: water mission.  Each person will have a turn to get the belt, wear it, take a picture, write in the journal, donate and then pass it on.  We’ll be posting your picture and blog posts and adding your star to our Sisterhood map.

When I posted that my only goal was that would someone please, please, please buy that belt.  I cringed as I pushed the Publish button hoping not to look the fool trying to do something good and not being able to get anyone involved.  Well, God showed up and moved my friend Dani and then he moved both of us to this site.  I’m still cringing a little as we’ve set the goal to having 28 people in the Sisterhood, raising a total of $784.  784 changed lives in Africa.  Through a belt.  I’m happy to look the fool trying than not do anything.

So are you in?  Will you join the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt?  Will you choose to make a difference for 28 Africans?

If so, get more information on how it works and sign up here.