Remember good ‘ol chain letters?  Someone sends you one, you do something with it and then send it on to someone else?  Remember the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?  This is going to work like that with a few caveats.

You “buy” the blood:water belt off the previous person in the chain by donating $28 to blood:water mission directly on their site (It’s less headache and tax-deductible this way).  Once proof is emailed to us at, we send your address to the previous person and they mail it all to you.

Once you have it, you are welcome to wear the belt!  We want you to look cute and take a picture holding or wearing the belt, whatever you feel comfortable with.  We’d like a digital copy back of that picture so we can post it to the site.  At this point, you can blog about it or tweet about it, soliciting others to join the Sisterhood which they can do back here on the site.  The belt will also come with a journal and you can update that however you choose.  We will also send you a Membership Button to add to your blog if you wish.  We will also add your star to our map and your name to our Sisterhood List.  Once you are ready to let go of the belt (the cuteness factor makes it hard but hopefully within a few days), we will let you know who is next on the chain that you should send it to.  If you have the belt we ask that you absorb the shipping cost and send it to the next Sister.   A bubble wrap envelope that is less than $1 works well to ship it in.

We have a goal of 28 joining the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt.   We don’t know what the goal is!  It just keeps growing! We realize that it will wear out and go out of style quickly and we also want to give you some (extra) incentive to participate.  So if we reach that goal, we are going to give away the belt to one in the Sisterhood and then get a new belt to pass along.

We pray that with every travel of the belt, 28 more people are blessed with clean water and knowledge in Africa and that we are released of one more strand of our materialism.

If you’d like to join the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt, please do so here.