Daddy and baby ran to

Daddy and baby ran to the grocery store. I’m supposed to be working, but I’m taking a few minute break. My brain is dangerously full. This project goes in next Friday and I’m still having to code and test, code and test. Ugh!

I think it will be a quiet weekend. I don’t think we are having visitors and we aren’t going back home until Tuesday. That will be for an extended stay though. My aunt, uncle and cousins are visiting at my moms Thurs-Sun so we are hanging around town to visit with them. Well, Scott is going to the beach Thurs-Sat with our old church, but Emma and I will be around. The only thing that sucks is since my aunt, etc is staying at my mom’s we have to stay with MIL Thurs-Sat nights. Which that in itself is not so bad, it’s just that the point is the visit with aunt, etc and I’ll have to be at MIL by 7:30ish to put Emma to bed. Oh, and not to mention the fact that the crib is in the same room as the guest room and the guest bed is completely uncomfortable. I can handle the bed, but I can not handle Emma waking up and insisting to be in bed with us since she sees us in there. Not good.