The Feathers

You can read more about Our Feather Story, but there were so many feathers, I began losing track of how many had been found.  Here, I try to recap all that were found. Unbelievable!

September 13, 2014; Total count: > 75

ray09132014 ray09132014b

Ray found 2 feathers at the baseball field


Megan found one at soccer

September 12, 2014; Total count: > 72

Cynthia found one outside their local pizza place

Sarah found one on her path while running

Jac0b found one at school

Lexi found one on Jac0b’s elbow

September 11, 2014; Total count: >68

Jac0b found 3 at school

Kimberly found one at her son’s baseball practice


Cindy found one on a walk with her mom


Tonya found one on her steps after taking her kids to the bus stop

September 10, 2014; Total count: 

Jonathan found one on a pew in a church!


Jenny and her 2 girls found 3 while at soccer practice.


My mom found one in front of her truck on her birthday!

September 9, 2014

jacobfeather amyfeather
Jac0b and I both found a feather. One, at Best Buy and the second at his soccer practice, both at the same time.

My mom found 4 feathers.

Katie @kdswisher found a feather by her front step

Michelle found a feather in the parking lot at work


Cristina found a feather in her car


Kristi’s son found one on the Greenway

September 8, 2014

Jac0b found a feather at the bus stop

Candie found another feather inside the door of her work

mom 09082014
Mom found a feather in her back yard

September 7, 2014

Rebecca found one in her backyard

September 6, 2014


My friend Jill’s son found a feather

Emily found one at a consignment sale

ray09062014b ray09062014

Ray and his sons found feathers at the baseball park

September 5, 2014

Scott found a feather in a garage at work


Deb found 3 white feathers


Amanda found 2 feathers on a bad day. She says: We’ve had a very stressful morning due to our card being locked so we couldnt use it, the car rental place charged us more than double what they were supposed too and now we are having hotel issues.. BUT i found this in hotel parking lot and it made me smile and reminded me to always be thankful and grateful.

September 4, 2014

Jessie Weaver found her feather and then guest posted on September 5.

Melanie found the same feather twice in 2 different rooms of her house

Dad found lots of feather out on a run

Deb found one on the way back from school

We found another one in our driveway.

September 3, 2014



MJ found one in her path

Russanna found lots of feathers at her MOPS meeting


Sarah found two feathers on a day she had an important medical test

September 2, 2014

Jac0b found 6 feathers at soccer practice.



Shannon found one with her nephews

Jason found one floating in his daughter’s room

September 1, 2014

Brooke found one in an elevator

Nancy found a feather

August 31, 2014

Abby and her son found a feather at the apple orchard

Carly found a feather

August 30, 2014

I found several feathers while trimming a bush in our yard


Margaret found one getting off of her lawn mower

Tessa found one on her porch


Katrina found one at the apple orchard

August 29, 2014

Candie found one inside her door at work

Jac0b found a feather at our house

Amanda found one in her path

August 28, 2014

Niki found a feather as she was walking in her door after work

August 27th, 2014

I found my first 3 feathers on a walk.

Beth found one right outside her door after reading my post


Jessica found a feather

July 2014

Jac0b found two feathers at our house during his visits

October 2013 feather

I attended Allume and won a feather painting

Spring 2012


I pinned the feathers on the Pinterest board for Holley Gerth


Before we adopted Jac0b, he found feathers while he was in foster care


  1. (Here’s an annoyingly long comment that I should just make a blogpost, but I want to put it with your feather story.) I’m in a Bible study of Anne VosKamp’s 1000 Gifts, and last night we got talking about slowing down and fully enjoying life. I shared with them your “feather story” and an experience that we had the other day walking to school. Addie found a feather, sprinkled with diamond drops of dew and quickly handed it to me, knowing the feather story after the first one we found in an apple orchard. On the way home by myself, I was twirling it in my fingers and thinking about the feathers and having a little conversation with the Lord about them. I said, “Lord, is it really THAT cool that we are finding these feathers? I mean, birds shed and molt. They lose feathers all the time. Sure, it’s cool that Amy’s family is finding them when they specifically prayed for them. It is interesting; I’ll give you that. But, are we finding them now just because we’re LOOKING for them. Maybe it’s not special. Maybe we are seeing what we want to see. Maybe they were there all along?”

    And of course, as I’m sure has occurred to you, I felt him saying. “Yes, my provision has been there all along. The feathers are everywhere. They ARE. I AM. My presence, my covering, my concern, my symbols of love to you are EVERYWHERE. ALWAYS. And yes, you are finding them now because you are LOOKING. Because you are SEEING. Because you are slowing down and looking for me–not staring at your phone or your calendar.”

    I guess, for me, it reminded me that God’s provision isn’t a special, unique exception to the way He operates even though sometimes I only occasionally get a glimpse of it. It is THE RULE. It is His Character. He is omnipresent, and I have the chance to be present too–when I look for that chance. When I’m quiet enough to hold that feather and talk to him.
    Katrina recently posted…As Soon As I FellMy Profile

    • Katrina, I could shout for joy right now!! I had a friend who had the EXACT same comment yesterday–that we’re just finding them because we’re looking for them. I have had the same thoughts. Is this really your work or is it just us looking too hard? I LOVE the Lord and his answer. OF COURSE it is because it’s already there and the only difference is US. THAT’S THE POINT. WHEW! That’ll preach! Thank you for sharing!

    • Although, I will add, I do think he has providentially placed some of these in our paths so it easier to see. There’s just too many examples of people finding them right in their path when they have never seen a feather for years. Although, once again, he can give us eyes to see things we’ve never seen before…

      In any case, it’s pretty awesome.

  2. I was thinking the same thing while we were on holiday. I kept seeing feathers everywhere, and lots of birds to go with them. And to reinforce it, while going through the mountains there was a lot of fog, and of course clouds, hiding some of the road and some of the mountains. And all I could think of was how sometimes you can’t see everything, but you need to KNOW it is there. Sometimes your path is foggy, but you see enough to get you down a little bit of road safely, then a little more and a little more. Sometimes we just see the fog and what’s right in front of us, but what is really there is beautiful and majestic and strong and unmoving.

  3. I also look for feathers. It’s something that I’ve seen since college when someone share Psalm 91:4 with me. I always seem during stressful times or those times when I need to be reminded of God’s presence and power and protection. I even got a feather tattoo on my leg to remind me daily. And we used feathers in our wedding.

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