Feathers and Manna

I can’t get over how God is continually showing up for people through these feathers.  I keep getting messages about how God is showing up in very specific ways for people.  More than one person got one feather and discarded it because they thought it was a fluke and then God sent them another one.  This is not an accident.

We actually found yet another one in the driveway–Scott’s first one.  Now we have all found one.



I don’t know how long God will keep this up, but I do know he is not done for right now.  He revealed a phrase that I wrote in Tuesday’s post for me to follow.  It is “What is this?”  That phrase was uttered by others in the Bible and I believe they are related. I have searched Scripture and commentaries and listened to the Holy Sprit and cnce again, I felt led to speak these words both for me and you.



God is providing these feathers like he provided manna for the Israelites.  He is speaking several things through these:

  • His fatherly care for us to remind us that he is providing for us, protecting us and loving us–He is our covering both for salvation and every day.
  • To make sure that we know that He is the Lord and nothing that is happening to us is a surprise and it is His work alone, not man’s.
  • To test to see if we will continually trust him in obedience.
  • The feathers and manna are simply a symbol of Jesus Christ.  He is the bread of life and it is through Him and Him alone that we find eternal life.  If this is something new for you, my friend Mandy has a wonderful post about salvation.

Whether you watched or not, read Exodus 16 and John 6 and let the Spirit speak to you.

I hope you are both encouraged and challenged like I am to go to Jesus every single day and receive both his love and direction.

One thing I did not address in the video is that the Lord even instructed the Israelites how to preserve the manna for it to be a reminder for the generations to come.  He told them to put it in a jar and put it in front of the Testimony that it might be kept.  I plan to do the same thing with the feathers.  Don’t you love that God is so attentive to detail that not only would he provide but also help you find a way to remember that he provided?  He’s so good!

Keep sending me your pictures and your stories. They are so encouraging to me.


  1. Definitely needed this word today! Thanks for posting!

  2. You’re speaking/writing so beautifully. Thank you!

  3. It is so funny because I have been thinking about manna ever since I started reading these–maybe because that was my very first Provision Story four years ago: http://www.katrinaryder.com/2010/09/19/i-love-manna/ I was also thinking about the connection to wings and the fact that the ONE time in Scripture that Jesus uses a maternal metaphor for himself, He is saying that he wants to gather his children under His wings like a mother hen gathers her chicks, but they are not willing. As you are waiting for your own “chick” (I bet he’d LOVE being called that ;)) to feel safe under your motherly wing of protection, I am reminded how God feels when we won’t REST in his care of us. He is inundating you (and by extension us) with this reminder now and and forever that we can’t escape His feathers, His covering, His love, and His persistent parental desire to be our shelter–our home.
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    • Oh man, Katrina. I totally forgot that you had used manna in one of your provision stories. I’m going to have to reread your posts.

      How convicting is that last part? Yes, he is so patient with us when we will not rest, but how much he must desire that we let go and let him take care of us. Thank you for that word. So, so good.
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