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Feathers is a podcast which shares stories of God speaking and His people having just enough faith to believe Him and obey.

Each week we interview one guest who shares their story of faith. Perhaps God called them to something which seemed scary or crazy and they had to trust Him and obey or perhaps God asked them to travel a difficult road and asked them to remain faithful to Him.

I hope Feathers inspires you and encourages you to take flight in your own faith.



How to Listen to Feathers


1 – Listen in the player below

2 – Listen from each blog post corresponding to an episode. Each episode  has a corresponding blog post where you can listen to the episode, read the show notes and leave comments.

3 – Listen on your desktop computer by going to iTunes or Stitcher. Follow the links or search each site with “Feathers” and subscribe to the podcast.

4 – Listen on your smart phone by using the Feathers app or your phone’s podcasting app. Apple has a built-in one called Podcast. Just search the app for “Feathers” and subscribe. Each time you open the app, the latest episodes will be available. If you have a different device, two apps to try are Downcast or Stitcher.


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How to Leave Feedback

If you’d like to contact me, please send me an email.

If you’d like to contact one of the guests, check out their episode blog post listed above where you can find links to their information or leave comments directly on the post.

Please leave feedback over on iTunes or Stitcher using their review and ratings features. This really helps other listeners find Feathers!

If you know someone who would make a great guest on Feathers, please email me!


Thank you for listening to Feathers!


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