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The shower on Sunday went

The shower on Sunday went very well. Not nearly as much participation from the church members compared to Emma’s but that is expected with a second baby. We didn’t need as much this time around and I would have felt horrible if we had gotten as much this time as last time. I still have a few stacks of items to take back to the store of multiples we have.

Scott decided to make Emma’s toddler bed and it’s coming along. This is the biggest project he’s taken on to date by far. It looks like it’s going to be pretty nice.

Tomorrow morning Mom is having a yard sale and we’re having some things in it. I think I might have Emma stay with MIL because Scott has to go work the Clemson football game tomorrow and he’s leaving at 4am tomorrow! We need to get everything set up this evening.

Two nights ago I was having contractions 5 minutes apart for about 30 minutes. After I had laid down and drank some water, they went to 8 and 9 minutes apart and then stopped. The other wedding is next weekend and unless the dr. says I’m progressing too much on Wednesday, it looks like I’ll still be going.

Emma’s vocabulary seems to have exploded even since I just talked about all the words she can say just the other day. She’s really starting to use 2 and 3 words together. Wednesday out of the blue she told me and MIL on separate occassions the her back hurts. A black and blue mark showed up yesterday although I’m not positive where it came from. She has said no more milk, Emma do it. Then just little things like Emma trash, Emma potty, MawMaw’s house, out [of] mailbox. And she copies a lot of the phrases I say like this morning she called my necklace a bracelet and I said no, it’s a necklace, it goes around your neck. She said, necklace around neck.

My house needs a good cleaning. Maybe after the yard sale if MIL still has Emma I’ll do that. Scott will be gone for the day and I might actually be able to enjoy a clean house for more than 15 minutes before it is trashed again. It is kind of funny..the more I live with Scott, the more I hate clutter. I’m starting to value a living room with nothing on the floor or tables. I like looking across to the other side of the room and nothing interferes with “the view”. It just feels clean and good and right. Don’t tell Scott I said that though. My one pair of shoes allowed in the living room rule will be reduced to none and then I might lose my sanity although I might actually enjoy the clean floor.

Emma is napping, Scott is

Emma is napping, Scott is working and I have nothing much to do. I need to vaccuum but it would probably wake up Emma and I have no desire to have a grumpy baby on my hands this evening. We are headed to my friend and her new hubbie’s house for a cook out to show off their new grill (her words, not mine).

Monday the dr. said I had not dilated anymore and the head actually seemed less applied than last time although she thought that a little hard to believe it seemed. So, as far as I’m concerned, we are good to go. I’m 34 weeks now and they wouldn’t put me in the hospital if I happened to go into labor and the baby has like a 99% chance of excellent survival so I’m not really doing anything extra at this point. If I get tired, I sit down. If I’m really tired, I don’t ever get up. I still am trying to drink a good dose of water though. I can tell I get much more tired if I get dehydrated. I think I’ve gained about 23 pounds now. Not too bad. A lot of my maternity clothes are starting to get small. I’ve already started making a pile of never going to wear that again. I am getting more ready for her to come. We bought some pictures last night at Target for the nursery and today I bought the sheer fabric for Mom to make the curtains around the closet. We took the doors off, painted the walls the same and put the dresser in the closet with the changing table on top since that is such a small room. I like the way it looks. I’m hoping my aunt and uncle are ready to give up my cousin’s crib when Mom and Dad visit at the beginning of November. It would be great to have it before Christmas. SIL is letting me use my niece’s bassinet, so we don’t really NEED it, it would just be nice to finish off the room.

Tomorrow is our baby shower SIL is giving us at the church. I’m excited but for some reason I don’t feel like we need very much. I know we’ll get plenty though and it will be quite a feat to get it all organized when we get it home. Especially since Scott is working every day next week.

I made a list the other day of every word I could remember that Emma could say and added anything I heard her say as the day went on. There were over 150 words on there. Much more than I thought. I need to put that in her baby book or type them out here so I have it somewhere. It will be interesting to compare Lexi and Emma later. I know probably a big no-no but doesn’t it happen anyway?

Unfortunately, I’ve closed the comments

Unfortunately, I’ve closed the comments on this site. I am sick and tired of all the spam. PLEASE email me if you would like to make a comment. I love hearing from everyone!

I went back to the

I went back to the dr on Wed. She said I am a fingertip dilated, still 50% effaced and the baby is at -1 station. She told me if I were to go into labor in the next week, she would put me on meds, but after that, she’d let the baby come. So, here we are at Friday night and nothing so far. I am still having quite a bit of contractions but I try to get off my feet and drink water when I have more than 2 in an hour. I don’t know if they’re technically called Braxton Hicks contractions since I know for sure I’m actually progressing from them, but I’m not in active labor, so I guess they might be. I am seriously doubting I will be lasting until 40 weeks but I don’t expect anything to happen in the next few weeks.

I’ve had a terrible time with heartburn, foot and leg cramps and general sleeping problems in the past week. Last night my calf completely locked up. I don’t think I’ve ever went from sleeping to standing up so quickly in my life. Even Scott woke up and asked if I was ok. Which I wasn’t for a few seconds there. I could not even move my muscle. I’m getting quite uncomfortable even in my maternity clothes. I was aching to be in my pj’s this evening. Where there was absolutely nothing stretching over my belly. Even though I know it’s too early for the baby to come, I would be okie dokie with not being pregnant at this point. It’s gotten to the uncomfortable stage and I’ll definitely be ready for her to come, even if it’s only a week or two early instead of 6 or 7.

I got Emma’s 0-3 mo clothes out and in Lexi’s drawers and closet. I haven’t washed them yet, I want to wait until it is a little closer. Last night we finished registering at Babies R Us. There was more to register for than I thought. I thought we had everything but there were some non-essentials we scanned. We also picked out her coming home outfit and her First Christmas outfit. Both are pretty cute, but for the price, they ought to be! Babies R Us makes way too much money off of their stuff!

I briefly talked to S, H’s mom from Columbia. She just had her new baby 2 weeks ago. H is still proving to be brilliant. She is not even 2 yet and counts in English AND Spanish, says her ABC’s, can spell several words and if I heard her right, she can write her name. It wouldn’t surprise me. Wow! Emma knows her colors, can say “a-b-c”, and can pronounce all the numbers (and knows when there are 2 of something) and letters, but that’s as far as we’ve gotten with that.

I think Emma is going to potty train herself. Before or after bath time she has been very interested in sitting on her potty and this past week, went several nights in a row. The other day I was changing her diaper and told her if she wanted to poop, she could tell me and we would go in her potty. Not 5 minutes later, she came over and held her diaper and said poop and we ran to her potty were she promptly pooped! I was so surprised. She hasn’t gone in the potty at all since then, but it is great that she is not afraid of it and it was her idea to go. I’m definitely not pushing the matter, but if she wants to go, then so be it.

Scott got switched to another shift at work. Same days, but opposite shift as what he is now which means he will be on nights for two months instead of one. Yucky. And he has heard nothing but bad things about the guys on the new shift. Great.

I’m having a contraction. Gotta go lie down.

We’re actually headed off to

We’re actually headed off to dinner with D&D in a few. Scott took Emma to MIL for the evening and we’re actually going on a double date! First one in a while. D will have her 3 month old but she’s as easy as pie.

I’m supposed to be off of my feet “as much as I can” but that really hasn’t happened too much. I went to the dr on Tuesday morning for my check up and then Tuesday afternoon because I had some bloody discharge and was noticing the braxton hicks contractions too. She checked me and I was closed but I got checked again on Thurs to make sure and I was still not dilated, but I was 50% effaced and the dr did say the baby’s head seemed set in place. I think she set lodged. I think she was meaning engaged but maybe didn’t say it so it wouldn’t scare me?? I was supposed to stay off my feet this weekend and drink lots of water and I have to go back next Wednesday for another checkup. I’m fine with this baby coming early, I’m just not fine having her now. It’s way too early and I don’t want to be stuck in the hospital for who knows how long with them trying to stop contractions. And it certainly isn’t to that point. I mean, just being effaced is not a biggy, I’m just concerned with progressing anymore.