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Emma turned 2 on Saturday.

Emma turned 2 on Saturday. My little girl!! We had a birthday party with her little friends and family here at the house. I set up our picnic table in our kitchen with a little tea party. It was quite a hit. They all liked their little tea cups. It was just the right size for them. They could pick them up by the handle with just their finger and thumb and sip it like little ladies. It was the cutest! I made cupcakes and ham delights and we bought an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins which was delish! The big hits from her presents are the police Little Tikes car that Mom and Dad got her and her Little People farm we got her. Saturday she barely got out of that car. She even sat in there to drink her milk. Emma has been talking up a storm lately. It’s getting to the point where I don’t think she’s ever quiet unless she’s very intent on what she’s playing with. We still haven’t gotten very far with potty training. Every few days she might go. I’ve put her on there at her request a few times and she just sits there. She now squats and says she is peeing but when I try to get her to the bathroom, she’s not for it at all. I’m not worried about it at all but it would be nice to only have to buy one set of diapers. I simply can not imagine having two potty trained children. I know the day is coming quicker than I can imagine but it is beyond me right now.

Lexi has started the gassiness like Emma had. I think we’ve poured a half a bottle of gas drops down her the past few days. I ate spaghetti on Friday night which I remember red sauce affecting Emma the same way. Darn! It’s my favorite!

I’m really starting to stress about Scott going back to work. He really is a lot of help. This house will be a disaster and I will be a zombie!

Lexi did really well last

Lexi did really well last night. I put her down after feeding her at 11 and she didn’t wake up until 2:30 and then I didn’t feed her again until 6:30. She barely ate then and we slept until about 9:00 or 9:30 while Scott and Emma did whatever they did around the house and around town. They are the perfect pair to do a bunch of “stuff” together. She loves going in his Jeep with him to the dump or running to one of our parents house for an errand. I’m telling you, I have no idea what I would do without Scott being home to help me with Emma. Actually, I would probably be a walking, irritable zombie.

I’ve decided that having a newborn isn’t so bad ;). I was really hesitant when I was pregnant because all I could remember was being so wiped out taking care of Emma. Not that I didn’t enjoy taking care of Emma, but babies are a lot of work! But Lexi has been a joy to take care of. She’s SO cute and such a good baby, I can’t help fall to pieces when I have her. It’s still a lot of work but I really don’t mind doing any of it.

We took Lexi to church

We took Lexi to church today for the first time. Everyone of course couldn’t believe how much hair Lexi has and most people thought she looked like Emma or me. I haven’t gotten one comment from anyone that she looks like her dad unlike with Emma. Lexi slept through Sunday School but I fed her through church service in an empty room. They really need to figure out a mother’s room in the back of the sanctuary.

I did get the bathrooms and kitchen floor cleaned today. There’s something about it that always makes me feel good when all the floors are clean.

The days are going way too quickly. I know Scott’s leave and then mine will be over way too soon. I love being at home without the pressure of having to work during the day. I really don’t think I could get any work done during the day when Scott is working. I am convinced now I need to look for some child care when Scott is working. There is still an open door with a lady that keeps a friend’s child. I just need to call and talk it through with her and possibly do a trial run to see if it would work.

Here’s some pics from today…
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Today was the baby’s first

Today was the baby’s first day out. I went with Mom to run a couple of errands. I got some stuff for Emma’s birthday party next Saturday. We went to a couple other places and then went to Boston Market to eat. Lexi slept through the entire thing which was great. She woke up about 1 mile before the house and was ready to eat. I don’t know how I’ll go out with both of them unless I can convince Emma to stay in the shopping cart but I’ll figure it out one day.

This afternoon Lexi had visits from one of Scott’s coworkers and then my friend M. We tried to get pictures of Lexi with only her onesie on and lying on her belly but I don’t think they probably turned out too good. She was way to squirmy and didn’t want to lay quite how they do in those cute pictures at the dr’s offices. Oh well. She said she would send me some of the pictures to see how they turned out.

Last night we had Scott’s family over for dinner for his dad’s birthday. We made a recipe from the Food Network. It was the Cuban Burgers by Bobby Flay and they were SO good. Definitely better than just a regular hamburger on the grill.

Last night Lexi woke up at 12 to eat and then right before 4. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t stayed awake until almost 5:30. When Emma got up at 7:30, I didn’t think I was going to be able to get up. I should have taken a nap today but with our visitors, it didn’t make it in the schedule. If Scott would quit working in the garage, he could come watch the girls and let me sleep, but he would just be cranky if I did that probably.

I took Lexi back to the dr today for a weight check up. She was 6lb9oz, only an oz away from her birth weight. I also had the dr look at her for her jaundice, but she thought she just looked like she had olive-y skin. How she got that, I have no clue.

Hmm, I of course have

Hmm, I of course have a lot to catch up on. I went Wed. for my regular visit the first thing I said to the dr. was I was ready for the baby to come. He said but no, she’s not done cooking! I said, it’s been enough. He checked me right after I said that and said Wow, you’re 4-5 cms, have you been feeling contractions? I hadn’t and just a few posts ago said I hadn’t been feeling many. He said that I should go to the dr to be put on the monitor to see but he was pretty sure they would probably keep me. While I was waiting for him to fill out my chart, I thought I felt a contraction and asked him if I was having one and he said, yes, it was a mild one. So out the office I went. I was so excited. I didn’t think I could make it the full 40 weeks. Even as I had waited for that very appointment, I had sunk down into the sofa in the waiting room with my eyes closed. I was tired of being pregnant. So, on the way out, I called Scott and said, we’re going to the hospital and I’m not kidding! I think I kind of scared him because by the time I got to the house to pack my hospital bag (no, I hadn’t done a thing), he was flying around the house trying to get everything together. Mom had planned to go to Maryland that very afternoon so her and Heather met us at our house to keep Emma. By the time Scott and I got to the hospital, I was feeling the contractions every few minutes. They hooked me up and sure enough, they were coming every 2 minutes. I asked for the epidural since I was very scared of getting too far too fast and not getting it. So, the anesthesiologist came in and gave it to me although I was not feeling too much pain. She even remarked that I didn’t look like I was hurting. And I wasn’t really, but I was scared of what was to come. By 3:00 or so, I had a hot spot on my lower left side and they weren’t able to fix it by changing positions or anything so they gave me a shot of nesacain (sp?). By 3:30 or so, all of our family was there and by 4:00, I was pronounced 10cm! I couldn’t believe it was all happening so fast. I started pushing and only 12 minutes later, she arrived! I didn’t feel a thing during delivery and was even worried I would not feel enough to push, but I did and she came with 5 or 6 contractions. I couldn’t believe how calm the whole thing was. We all were having conversations between pushes. I didn’t even break a sweat. Don’t start getting jealous yet because I had a nice tear in my labia because she came out so fast. After the epidural wore off, the pain of the contractions that were now working on shrinking the uterus were very painful and my stitches were burning. It really hurt! I only had Motrin now to help and boy, it wasn’t doing it’s job. But it was inconsequential as I had a beautiful and healthy baby.

I chose breastfeeding again this time. Lexi had some troubles getting latched on. Sometimes, it took 20 minutes to get her on although she did fine once she was on. I finally had Scott buy a shield for me on Saturday and it definitely helped although she has not been using it every time. She usually sleeps from about 9:30 am to 12pm and then gets up to eat and then is down for the afternoon until I have to wake her up about 5 pm to eat. I know that’s probably too long but after a long night and busy morning, it’s a nice break.

So Emma is doing pretty good with her. She likes her but I don’t think likes the lack of attention she gets from me now. She doesn’t understand when she asks me to play and I can’t get up because I’m feeding her. Usually Daddy is an ok substitute and is fine. Our big problem with Emma started the day we came home. She had a fever and a stomach virus and ended up in our bed all night and threw up at 4am. And now we think we figured out she has been teething. I found one of her four back molars coming in and has accounted for several bouts of crankiness the past few days. She now tells us her teeth hurt and will ask for medicine.

As for me, I had a bad tear during birth since she came out so fast. I called the dr Sunday morning because it was really hurting. He prescribed me some Tylenol with Codein and told me to come into the office to be checked Monday. I did that and everything is fine, she just said it was bad and she wasn’t surprised it was hurting. Sitz baths and more medicine was all that could help.

Scott is off until Dec. 3. I’m not sure if he’ll make it that far. He gets so irritable when he is confined inside and a 2 year old that has the exact same temperament as him does not help. We’ll see though. I sure am enjoying him home. I can not get used to not working. I have logged in every day I have been home and have to force myself to not work. I know, craziness!

I guess that’s it for now. We’re all doing well and enjoying our time off!