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There is something different with

There is something different with your second child. You just do things differently. Number one difference between how I handle Emma and Lexi is nursing. Now I have to preface this with saying Lexi is an all around better nurser than Emma. But with Emma I was such a clock watcher. 20 minutes on each breast and if it hadn’t been 3 or 4 hours since she ate, I would freak out thinking she wasn’t getting enough to eat (which looking back and how we nursed with that nipple shield, she probably didn’t get enough) or I was doing something wrong. With Lexi, if she’s fussy, I try to feed her to make sure she’s not hungry. I could care less if she just ate an hour ago. Maybe my milk supply is down and she is trying to nurse a lot to build it up. The amount of stress I feel with nursing with Lexi compared to Emma are worlds apart. Number two thing I do different is sleep. Miss Lexi sleeps on her tummy. I know! I’m horrible! But she sleeps so well like that. As in, last Thurs and Fri she slept 4 hours for her afternoon nap! Emma has never done that in her entire life I don’t think. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that was the reason but still! Also, I will put Lexi down when she is still awake. And guess what, when she’s tired, she goes to sleep! No rocking, no singing! Number three difference…I get out of the house a lot more! I was so scared I would have to feed Emma somewhere other than the house that I would never go anywhere. With Lexi, we just put her in and go, go go! If she’s hungry, I find somewhere to feed her! Wow, how simple is that? That goes back to Emma not nursing well and taking 45 minutes though! Lexi can be done within 10-20 minutes. Now do I think Lexi is a better baby? No, I think I’m a better mommy. Maybe not better, but just more experienced. It’s just amazing how different I feel this time around. Not that I love her more or even like her more, I just feel much more secure in what to do with her.

Today Scott is not working and him and Emma went to run errands. I’m working ( can’t you tell) and Lexi just went down for a nap. We’re going to D&D’s tonight for our Christmas dinner. Emma is so excited to go. Scott built the girls a picnic table. I hope they like it. I think it will be great for the spring and summer. I know it worked so well for Emma’s birthday party for all the girls.

I can not wait until Christmas! Scott has bought me some big gift that I don’t know about. My guess is either a camera or printer but I can’t read his clues to tell which it might be. I can’t even imagine what it might be if it’s not that.

Emma got sick Thursday before

Emma got sick Thursday before last with the stomach bug. The day started by her telling me at 5:30am that she just threw up in her crib. Always a good start to a day. She finally stopped throwing up about 3 or 4 hours later but with the start of the next day, was pretty much her old self. I, however, got sick on Saturday morning and spent most of the day on my back. Thank goodness Scott was off last weekend.

Did I mention I took both of the girls to the dr for their check up? Emma was on 12/1 and she was 27 lbs and 35 1/2″ tall. The dr said she looked great and seemed very smart. The dr. even looked back at her records and it said at her 6 month check up that she was a very bright baby. She had a flu shot that she didn’t even realize she got. The nurse was so fast neither Scott nor I could believe it. She also got her finger pricked to check her cholesterol and she made a bigger deal out of that. She held her hand up afterwards and acted like it was broken or something. Lexi had her check up on 12/7. She was 9 lbs and 21″ long. She doesn’t have any shots until her 2 month check up. Lexi is already 6 1/2 weeks!

Lexi is still a great baby. The gas thing finally kicked in with full force and some days are spent with Mylicon by our sides. She still sleeps a lot of the day. A typical day would start at about 6:30 or 7. She barely eats and goes back to sleep within 30 minutes but she’s usually up by 9 to eat again. Then she goes back to sleep about 10 or 10:30 until lunch time. She’s usually up for a good hour then and then takes another nap about 1. She will either sleep the whole afternoon or she might be up at 3 for an afternoon snack and then back down. She doesn’t get up until about 5 or 6 and then is up for a good while in the evening until she takes a nap until about 9 or so to eat again. She then will go down for the night about 11. Last night she slept until 3:30 which I think was her longest stretch yet. Then, she might be up one more time at about 5:30am for another feeding before the day starts again.

She has smiled twice that I recall. Of course I didn’t write down what exact day!! It will go on the calendar as sometime this past week. Of course, that is, when she gets a calendar. Yes, she’s a second child. I swore I wouldn’t be like this!

Emma has fallen in love with the LeapPad ABC DVD. She calls it her froggie movie and wants to watch it all the time. She says ABCDFG. And sometimes says OPST. Her numbers sometimes go 12356. Or, 238910. At least she gets the concept sort of. She surprises all the time with things that she says. My mom loves when she says Bless you after someone sneezes.

I started back to work Wednesday. I didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked. I’m not sure if this Scott watching Emma thing is going to work. I may have to go into the office when he is off at least one day. Scott’s grandmother agreed to watch Emma on days he works. We had talked to another lady from our church about doing it but then we found out MawMaw lost her full-time child she watched and we feel much better about the close proximity of MawMaw’s house and giving her our money rather than someone we barely know. Plus, the last time I picked up Emma from MawMaw’s house,she said, “MawMaw’s”. So, I guess Emma likes being there.

Whomever created Baby Bjorn is

Whomever created Baby Bjorn is a godsend. I had MIL come get Emma this morning and take her for the day. We were all up at 6am this morning and I knew the “zombie” stage was going to set in if I didn’t get in a nap today. This afternoon I weighed Lexi to see if she was big enough to fit in it yet. Our scale measured her at 8.5 lbs so I put her in it. She was asleep within 5 or 10 minutes. She didn’t make a squeak while I walked around with her in it. I’ll definitely be using that more often, especially when Emma is around.

Just call me super-mom. It’s

Just call me super-mom. It’s Scott’s first day back to work and I got ready, washed the dishes, washed two loads of clothes, changed the sheets, swept the kitchen, the baby is sleeping and Emma’s is happily watching Rolie Polie Olie. Yes, the morning is going well so far. Someone has been praying for us. This has gone even more smoothly than when Scott has been home. I know I need to knock on wood and hope that tomorrow isn’t a disaster but at least we’re off to a good start.

Tomorrow is Scott’s first day

Tomorrow is Scott’s first day back to work. Big breath. I am already in need of a big nap and now Scott will be out the door at 5:30am in the morning. I should be a zombie by Sunday evening.

Lexi was up every hour last night which is very unusual for her. Not sure what that was about.

Emma had her 2 year old visit on Wednesday. She is 35 1/2″ and 27 lbs. Above average height, low on weight. Mom says that’s exactly what she always heard at the dr about me. He said she was very bright and even looked back at her 6 month comments and it read she was a bright baby. Emma said excuse me, Mommy today and for some reason that was really funny to me. We haven’t worked on saying that but I do say that to her when I want her out of my way and she did the same to me. Smart girl!

Emma finally started calling me Mommy again instead of Amy. It’s been a few months now. Tuesday a week ago she called me Momma once and then Wednesday once again. Each day she called me Mommy a couple more times a day. Today she’s only called me Amy one or two times. And a lot of times she will correct herself. Finally. I really was starting to get tired of it. She’s my little girl for goodness sakes!

We decorated for Christmas Tuesday. Scott did the outside and I did the tree. It was a pain but it is worth it. I’m really enjoying seeing the tree lit up every night.

I’ve been into cooking the past few days. I cooked Bobby Flay’s cuban burgers again which my family raved over just like his did when I made them last time. I made a casserole from Emeril’s site yesterday and also made a pumpkin pie. Tonight I am making Emeril’s roasted garlic dipping sauce. I’ve been craving it for a few months but it’s not the easiest recipe so I’ve been waiting for a good time.

I think I’m going back to work part-part-time in two weeks. I couldn’t handle the thought of having no check around Christmas since it was going to be unpaid time.