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Little Lexi has a cold.

Little Lexi has a cold. It seems to be all stuck in the back of her nose. Poor thing. She has been doing worse recently at night. She used to take a 6 hour stretch starting at about 8pm but now she is getting up again about 11-11:30. You know, just when I’m good and asleep. Maybe after she gets rid of the cold she will do better again.

Emma was up multiple times last night. I don’t know what was going on with her.

We are closing in our covered back porch and making a play room/sitting room type thing. It is off of our living room. Scott raised the floor to the living room level on Saturday. Today he is making a pair of stairs and I think he might try to put up one wall. Most of our tax money will be going to this project. I’m really excited to have more room and think we will end up using it a lot. It will be nice as a resale feature to be used as a sunroom or office or something.

Emma has been doing really well with potty training lately. Mom had her at the furniture store and she told her she had to go and held it until Mom got to the restroom. I’ve been putting panties on her while she is at home and she’s been really good at going when I ask her or sometimes she tells me. Yesterday MawMaw said she didn’t tell her she had to go and just went in her pull ups. I guess she has to get used to going at everyone’s house.

I hate not posting very

I hate not posting very much. I feel like I forget the special details. I haven’t posted since Thursday almost two weeks ago so what has happened since? Hmm..

That weekend I took Emma to the circus with SIL and her daughter. Emma liked it a lot but fell asleep 45 minutes into it. It started at nap time. She woke up though with plenty left to see. She did miss the white horses though. She cackled and clapped for the clowns. She loved the elephants the best. I have her on film saying REAL elephants!! over and over. The pictures I got don’t show her enthusiasm just because she was in one of those trance stages where she would just stare at what was going on. She spent most of the show in my lap. It was a nice time for just the two of us. Scott and his parents stayed home with Lexi. They said she was a good girl. Lexi is not a very easy baby to keep if you’re not me. That sounds weird, but she is stuck like glue to me and doesn’t like it when her mommy isn’t around, or so says everyone that tries to keep her. I’m at work now and Scott was already having a break down about 9:00 this morning.

The bad part about the circus was that SIL got a call saying Kyle had taken a fall skiing with the youth group and was in the hospital. To make a long story short, they flew him in helicopter to Charlotte and he has fractures in his C5 vertebrate and has to wear a neck brace for 10 weeks. He came very close to becoming paralyzed.

I went and had our taxes done and I was only about $20 off. Pretty good. We’re supposed to be getting them this Friday. We’ve now decided to make our covered porch a full-blown room. It will take a lot of our money, but it will be well worth it compared to how much it will raise the price of the home since Scott can do all of the work. That will be a huge project, but I think it will be really nice once it all gets done. We’re going to use it mainly as a play area. Mom is giving me her chaise to put in there so I can sit in there while the girls play. It will be much more useful once I can set Lexi up to play on the floor.

We all were sick last week. Emma started on Tuesday throwing up. Scott got sick Thursday night and I was nauseous all evening Friday and into Sunday morning. Thank goodness Lexi didn’t get it.

Lexi has been doing really well at night (except for last night). I put her down drowsy and she goes to sleep with the Ocean Wonders thingy on. That’s usually somewhere between 7-8:15 or so. She sleeps until 1-2 and then again until 4:30. She is getting that 6 hour stretch of sleep though. It will be awesome when she can drop that 1:00 feeding and I could sleep from 8:30 (Emma goes down about then) until 4:30 if I wanted. That would actually be an 8 hour night..I haven’t had one of those in months! Scott and I have been going to sleep very early lately. Friday night we did go to sleep at 8:30. Last night I put toothpicks in my eyes to finish watching The Bachelorette until 10. I hope Jerri is real because they look so cute together and seem to really be giddy over each other.

I TIVO’d (I LOVE TIVO!!!) SuperNanny last night and will watch it this evening. I LOVE that show. Even though you kinda know all that stuff in your head, it’s nice to have a reminder every week of what you’re supposed to be doing. Last week’s episode of the working mom really hit home. I really would like to do a schedule of Emma time, Lexi time, snack time, nap time, lunch time, Mommy work time but it’s really hard seeing that Lexi’s “schedule” is more of a routine right now and I can’t really schedule anything until she gets a little older. I seem to keep saying that. I hate to keep thinking everything will be all better when she gets older but in a lot of respects I know it has with Emma.

Ok, meeting time, gotta go.

Lexi is 3 months old

Lexi is 3 months old today. I haven’t gotten a picture of her yet but here she is the other day.

Here’s another one..

And here’s big sister talking on the phone..