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Emma is really starting to

Emma is really starting to talk in sentences and is picking up on conversations. The other day Heather was in the back seat in the car and the baby was crying. Emma out of the blue says, Maybe she’ll go to sleep. I wish I could imitate the way she said it. I’m at work today and talked to her on the phone. She was watching Beauty and the Beast “Princess” ( which she would watch 3 times a day if we let her). She says “Princess’ Poppa going somewhere. Maybe he’s going home.” She’s obviously thinking ahead of what might happen in the movie. She’s so smart! I need to start writing down all of the cute things she says. Hmm, let me think. Last week she was on the phone with Mom and Mom told her she had to get off the phone. Emma says, No, Grandma, I not done talking to you. She hangs up and then somehow she calls Mom back and we hear her on her cell phone voice mail. “Daddy, I use your phone! Daddy, I use your phone! Daddy, I drop your phone!” She likes to say “actually” too. She’ll say things like, it’s actually a book. She pretends she’s on the phone with Skyler often. She was in the car with Scott and got his phone and said, We got a tree, uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, we’re going home uh-huh, uh-huh yeah, ok, bye. She’s hilarious! I guess these things may not be funny to some people but when you see a helpless little baby now be able to make a sentence, pretty much any sentence that comes together seems amazing!

Emma spent the night with

Emma spent the night with Mom last night. I was a little worried, especially since she didn’t get a nap. But Mom called this morning and said they had made it and she was in a good mood. That was really the first time she has done that except for when we were there. Scott is at work so Lexi and I are hanging out before church.

Last night D, J and I went to watch the prom couples walk into the high school. Pastels are definitely a hit, dresses that have a slit off center and ruffles were big. White tuxes seem to have made a come back too. There were 4 dresses that made our favorite list. The top one was white with three black horizontal stripes across the waist and bodice and then another black strap that went around her neck and shoulders somehow. I think Julia Roberts wore a dress like that one time now that I think of it. There was another tropical print with sequins that sounds REALLY bad but it was really cute on this girl.

I think we are going to have a family friend-high school girl come to the house to watch the girls during the summer. Not sure how it will work out but I’m hoping for the best. Emma complains now every time I have to take her to MawMaw’s. One time she told me, It’s too messy for me. Another time she said it was too loud. I really don’t mind leaving her somewhere if I know she is excited about it but it kills me when I know she doesn’t want to go.

Lexi will be 6 months shortly and she has no desire at all to sit down. She scoots down or insists to stand up. I think she might skip right to walking. She is STILL not sleeping through the night. 12, 3 and 5:30 seem to be her schedule at night and it stinks! I don’t know what to do about it either. She goes to sleep on her own like a charm for naps and nighttime but she will not stay asleep!

We had Lexi dedicated on Sunday. She was a doll in her dress and was an angel during the entire service. I need to go have a professional picture made of her in it.

Scott has put the first round of mud on the wall in the addition. He plan to sand tomorrow. I want to have a Pampered Chef show at the end of May and am hoping the room is done by then. Scott is hating this dry wall stuff so we’ll see how fast it gets done. He has done a fabulous job up until now but is now totally unmotivated to finish this part. Like I told, no one else is going to do it, so get out there!

So I walked back to

So I walked back to lay down and Emma was sitting on her bed awake. That means she was in a good mood at least.

Yesterday I took Emma and Lexi for their first wagon ride together. I strapped Lexi in really tight and put a blanket around her and she had the best time. Scott stopped by while working to see us. When he left, she asked where he was and I said he had to go back to work. Out of the blue, Emma said, I miss Daddy. I wuv Daddy. It was THE sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. Tears literally came to my eyes. Emma has never said anything like that on her own. Scott of course never wanted to go to work again.

OK, now I KNOW Emma

OK, now I KNOW Emma is sick. It is 9:18 and she is still asleep. I’m not sure if she’s EVER slept that long. She’s an early riser for sure. She had a yucky cough yesterday every once in a while and she didn’t get a nap so I guess she is making up for it. Poor thing. She’s been sick like every other week this winter.

BIL is home for the weekend before he gets sent to Afghanistan. It still seems kind of unreal that he is going but sort of “normal” since SIL met him while he was still in the Army overseas.

Hmm, I just put Lexi down and seems like she might take her nap. That means it’s 9:30 in the morning and I actually have the house to myself (Scott’s at work). And I actually cleaned last night so I don’t need to clean. I do need to straighten up and do the checkbook. Hmm, maybe I should just go back to bed. Yep, that sounds good!

Looks like Emma is sick

Looks like Emma is sick again. She threw up a little bit twice yesterday but was feeling fine afterward and had no fever. D&D came over with the girls and we ate dinner and they played. Dinner was awesome by the way. We ate Emerlized Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mornay Sauce and acorn squash…yummy. Her fever last evening was only at 100.4 but by about 3am, she was feeling hot and I gave her some Tylenol. She started crying in her room saying there were bugs!! I brought her to our bed and took her temp. It was up to 102.2. We put a cold rag on her head, undressed her and let her sleep with us. She’s still sleeping with Scott. We took her temp a few more times and it hung about 101.7 or 101.9. I’m anxious to take it this morning to see how she is.

Last night we fed Lexi carrots for dinner for the first time. She made faces at first but ended up eating almost the whole jar. I’m hoping against hope that feeding her more will help her sleep. She is still up at like 11, 2 and 5 each night.

Today our church has a new youth pastor/musical director “trying out”. They are supposed to vote on him after service. I really want to go see him. Scott said I could go with Lexi and I may just do that.