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Lexi is totally stable sitting

Lexi is totally stable sitting up now and is close to crawling. At the moment, she is working on getting from a sitting position down to a crawling position gracefully without smacking her face into the floor. Today she was saying da-da-da for the first time. It took me a minute to realize what she was doing. She babbles so much I wasn’t really paying attention.

Emma spent the night with Mom last night. She always has such a great time over there and never wants to come home. Mom gives her just about anything she wants and is a great playmate, giving her full attention. Sometimes it makes me feel like maybe I’m missing the mark as a mother when Emma is never that excited to be at home and I never give her 100% attention for very long anymore. I have so much going on normally.

Last Wednesday I had a bit of a breakdown. Scott had trials in Columbia all week and I was so tired and worn out. He wanted to go to church to help with the youth and I was going to have both kids by myself again and I really wanted to be strong and figure it out but I was just tired and couldn’t anymore. Needless to say I ended up in tears on my bed. I came up with a schedule on how to get more dedicated time to the kids and to my work. Thursday was a breeze and I got plenty of work done. I don’t know if the schedule will continue to work, but I’m going to try. Tomorrow Emma is going to have to go somewhere while I have our staff meeting. Actually, I don’t think I have any input to give so I think if I set her up washing her dishes, she would keep busy for the hour. I keep trying to keep the big picture in my head. Emma will be in school in 3 years and then I’ll have more time to work ( I think, maybe I’m naive!) and I really would like to keep the job I have for as long as I can. Anyway, it’s still a continous struggle to get work done. I do love my job. I love going to the office and doing what I do. My manager is very appreciative of my dedication and I’m not ashamed I love my job.

Scott is thinking of applying at the ATF or US Marshalls. It would mean he would have to go back for more academy so it is holding him back but we’ll see. I think he really wants to do it.

Tuesday Lexi really started sitting

Tuesday Lexi really started sitting up and playing with stuff. I keep the boppi around her because she’s still a little unstable but she seems pretty content just playing with her toys at her feet.

I feel like I’m drowning

I feel like I’m drowning in pictures. I need so many printed and done something with, it’s ridiculous. I do scrapbook, but it’s so time consuming and I have no where to put all that stuff. I think if we arranged my closet right, I could set it up in there or even in the new playroom. See, I just realized I need to do a before and after page of the playroom. Maybe I’ll do it while I’m on this conference call.

I was lying on the

I was lying on the floor this morning and Emma came up to me and laid down on top of me and hugged me and said, I love you so much. AWWW! Melt my heart.

I took her to MawMaw’s because she asked to go play with Skyler (even though I knew she didn’t really want to go) and because I had a conference call this afternoon. She cried when we got there and said, I want to go to Mommy’s house, don’t leave me at MawMaw’s. Geez, break my heart why don’t you!

I’m waiting on pins and

I’m waiting on pins and needles for the results of The Bachelor. I think he should pick Sarah.

We went for a last minute trip to MD to my parents’ house there. We stayed from Wed-Sun. The girls were both angels on the trip. We also bought a new Odyssey. I love it a lot. My bank account doesn’t though. We got the best deal we could though. The other Honda dealerships wouldn’t even beat it for us.

Lexi has been trying to crawl over the past week. She can go in 360. When she scoots, sometimes she bangs her face on the floor so she doesn’t quite have it down but she’s really trying. She still can’t stand to sit down for long although she can do it. Of course, if she tries to move she falls down, but she’s working on it!

Emma amazes me every day with all she can say and all she can understand.