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We went to the beach

We went to the beach this past week. It was not much of a vacation for me. Sort of like a sandy, long, hot, difficult, expensive shopping trip. The good news is Emma loved the beach this year. She loved the sand and the water. She even played in the sand, picking it up with her hands and everything. I was amazed at how different she was from last year. She started her “why’s” this week. She would go round and round.
I’m hungry
Why are you hungry?
Because I haven’t eaten
Why haven’t you eaten?
Because I haven’t had any food.
Why haven’t you had food?
Because we haven’t gotten any yet.
Why haven’t we gotten any yet?
Because it wasn’t time to get food.
Why wasn’t it time to get food?
etc. etc.
All week, almost every conversation was like that. And if you asked her to do something “No way!”. I don’t know where she started that at.

Lexi started to let go of things when she is standing up now. Just a few times she has done it and of course fell right down. She was a pill this week though. I think she was teething and we kept her full of medicine but she was still extra clingy to me. She wouldn’t go to sleep well. She was great in the car though. Good thing because we were in it a lot.

We didn’t have any big blow-ups with family members this week but SIL was her normal self and only can stand so much. The bad thing the kids are the ones that normally get the brunt of it. I really wish she would get some help. Anyway, we had a good time with our nephew. He is really turning into someone fun to be around. He does smart off and is pretty spoiled but he’s really funny and a good kid. Emma and Skyler fought a lot. And played a lot. They are a lot like sisters. They do everything together but usually fight the whole time. Usually it is Emma stealing away a toy that Skyler has and Skyler screams to high-heaven about it until she gets it back. They are both good at hitting each other too.

She did it, people. Lexi

She did it, people. Lexi slept from 8:45pm until 4am. Too bad I didn’t get to sleep until 11:30pm. Whew, I hope this continues.

I told Emma we were

I told Emma we were going to the beach on Sunday and she said “Oh! My wish came true, I told you!” It was so cute. Here was our conversation the other day:
Emma: Where’s Grandma?
Me: In Maryland
Emma: I want to go there
Me: How are you going to go there? Are you going to walk?
Emma: No, I’ll just go, that’s all. I’ll take the van and go home and go to Nini’s and make pupcakes and ice cream cones.

Alrighty then.

Last week she saw a Belle set of furniture in the ABC Catalog and she puts her hands out and says “Oh my goodness!”

I don’t know where she gets these things from. It’s not that amazing for just anyone, but these things come out of her mouth that you’ve never heard her say and you wonder where she picked them up from.

So Friday night I let

So Friday night I let Lexi cry it out at her 1am wake-up. She went back to sleep within a few minutes and didn’t wake up until 4 when I got up and fed her. I thought that it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought so I let her cry it out Saturday night too. She was quite persistent though this time. I think it was 30 mintues later and she finally fell asleep. She woke up like 5 minutes later though and so I got her out and fed her. I’m not sure what I’ll do tonight. Probably see how long she cries. I don’t want to teach her she has to scream to get my attention though. This parenting thing is so confusing.

Yes, I still exist. And

Yes, I still exist. And am doing well. Just am staying busy. Lexi is crawling everywhere now. Rarely does she stay wherever I sit her down. She is also pulling up on everything too. On my legs, the coffee table, the recliner, her crib, the shelves in the playroom. I think she sees Emma running around and wants to go like she does.

Lexi is STILL not sleeping through the night. I think (If I remember right) last night might have been the best night yet. She took a long nap until like 9:00 and went back to sleep until 10 and I think she slept until 4. I can’t remember though, normally she still wakes up at 1 and 4. It is really ridiculous. She eats plenty during the day so I’m not sure why she feels the need to eat twice during the night too. But she does. She acts ravenous and eats and goes back to sleep. It’s not as if she is just using me as a pacifier type thing because I know how Emma did that. She actually seems to eat before she dozes back off. The really bad part now is that she is sitting up and standing up in her crib so now if I let her cry for a long time, she gets stuck sitting up and gets even more mad. I’m not really sure what to do.

I hosted a Pampered Chef show for Scott’s cousin last night. A couple people backed out at the last minute, but we still had around 15 packed in my living room plus 3 of their small children so we had a full house. It was Heather’s first show. I could tell she was really nervous but she did a good job. The sales were not as high as she (and me) would have liked, but I think by the time we close it, we’ll have plenty. My show last month quadrupled by the time I closed it. I worked pretty hard at getting orders though. Several people that missed the show already told me they want to order something so I think we will be fine. And Carla got lots of goodies so I know it is good for her.

Work has been really busy lately. I blurted out at our last one-on-one meeting that I worked better when I had a tons of stuff to do (which I do) so she told our Business Analyst to load me up to see how much it would take to break me down. So far I’m good but I’ve actually upped my part-time hours to 30 and still could stay busy for a week in advance probably.

Scott just got a 10% raise and expects another one in January. He finally is back up to the salary he was at working with Mom. He’s doing really well though. He still loves it. He really wants to apply for the ATF but doesn’t want to go to Georgia for the 20 week training. If the timing was right, I don’t think I would mind him going…they earn 6 figures within about 7 years. Not bad. And he would love it, I know it.

Emma is staying the night with Scott’s sister tonight. We went to D&D’s youngest daughter’s one year birthday party tonight and I was supposed to drop her off after that. Silly me didn’t call first and when I got to her house, she wasn’t there. She had taken some stuff to the hospital to Scott’s mom who had back surgery today. Emma of course cried when we left. She was so excited when she finally came to pick her up (at 10:15pm!!). Well, at least it’s not me having to put her to bed and get up with her crankiness. Of course, I will have one cranky little girl on my hands when I get back home tomorrow, but this is a favor and I should be grateful. I have to take Lexi to the allergist tomorrow. Lexi broke out after eating ice cream a few weeks back so I’m having her treated by the new NAET dr here ( Tomorrow is egg treatment. Not sure really what I’ll be eating tomorrow so it should be interesting. With NAET, you can’t eat or be near whatever you are being treated for for 25 hours. I guess that sounds confusing since I said what I’d be eating when it is Lexi getting the treatment, but since I’m nursing, I also have to follow the rules. I guess I could pump and dump for a day but I don’t know if Lexi would go for that. Really, if the girl would sleep for the night, I’m totally ready to switch to bottle-feeding. It is very easy, convenient, cheap, etc. to breastfeed but 8 months is good for me. I went about 9 with Emma, but she was more apt to take a bottle than Lexi.

So see, I’ve been busy lately. Usually any computer time is spent uploading pictures of the girls or just checking my email. I really want to work on my site, but I do what I can.