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Lexi started saying no-no this

Lexi started saying no-no this past week. Sometimes she points her finger, sometimes not. It’s more like nah-nah or something but she says it just like us. She waves bye-bye but doesn’t say it yet. And she’s clapping. It doesn’t make a lot of sound yet but she thinks it’s good. She is getting better and better and standing up without holding on to stuff and she always looks like she’s ready to take off and she’ll sit down and crawl. It’s to the point where she is almost in a running-crawl. Everyone says she’s getting big all the sudden. I haven’t really been able to tell, but her clothes are getting smaller and she eats like a horse. She ate a banana and meat at 5 and then wanted more food when we ate about 6:15.

Emma stayed at Mom’s last night. She asked for milk so Mom heated it up like she normally likes and Emma says Not bedtime milk, chocolate milk! LOL I have never called her warm milk bedtime milk but she does have it before nap/bedtime.

I have been at the chiropractor several times the past two weeks. He said the curve in my neck was 90% gone and he is trying to correct it. I hope it works. We only have a $1000 limit for chiropractic care, so hopefully it won’t take much longer.

I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance. I didn’t really want J-something to leave this week. I thought his dancing was very original. I really like M-something. What’s her name? Meredith? Melanie? Something. And her friend. Not Chad, the other one. I wish Allan or Snow would go home. Everyone loves Allan but I just don’t think he has enough technique. The two that did the ballroom dancing were really good this week. I can’t remember their names either. Boy, this is exciting. Not much good if I can’t remember who I’m talking about.

I also recently got into Growing Up Gotti. They had a run all afternoon last Saturday and I watched it for 3 hours while I did housework on and off.

And of course I’m watching Miami Ink. They were hilarious this week bowling and translating it into Portugese and Japanese. I was laughing so hard.

Lexi took 2 steps toward

Lexi took 2 steps toward me today. The last was sort of a scoot, but two legs moved! I can’t believe it is time for her to start walking already. It seems she just learned to crawl. She is still sleeping until 5-6 in the morning. It has been great not having to get up in the middle of the night. I still would like to sleep to 7, but I don’t push my luck yet.

Emma started preschool this week. She has gone twice and has only cried when I picked her up the first day. The teacher said she only cried when they lined up in the hall and some of the other kids were crying. The first day they made picture frames and today they painted with shaving cream. Yeah, they can leave that there. She seems to enjoy herself and says there is a Mattie Grace in her class which I think is sort of ironic.

I am doing an awful

I am doing an awful job of keeping up here. Lexi and Emma are growing so fast. Let’s see. Lexi is now 9 months. She was 17.6lbs and 28(?)” at her dr’s appt Friday. She is crawling, cruising and Mom even says she took a step to her today. Finally Mom kept Emma for four nights and I did the 5-10-15 CIO thing with Lexi. Most night Lexi now sleep from about 8:30-5:00 or 6:00am, eats and then is up for the day between 6:30 and 7:00. Last night she got up twice but that is rare. Last Thursday night was the first time I slept 8 hours straight since when I was pregnant. I’m starting to wean Lexi since she’s now sleeping through the night.
Emma starts preschool Monday a week. She’ll go Mon and Wed 9-12. She says silly things like I asked her to talk to Grandma the other day and she said “No, that’s ridiculous!” I could barely make out what she said. Mom sand Do-Re-Me in the car and Emma says, “Grandma, don’t sing that. That’s awful!” oops. She asks why CONSTANTLY. Everything is why. No luck with the potty yet. She has no interest at all with that. She went once two weeks back at church. I can tell when she’s getting ready to #2 and tell her to go potty and she says no. I’m just going to wait until she’s interested.
Saturday is Carla’s wedding. Everyone except Lexi is in it. I’m hoping Emma will handle the flower girl part well. We’ve been practicing and she does well. I’m just afraid she’ll crack when she sees all those people. Maybe she’ll be too short to see them :) At least me, Scott and Scott’s sister will be standing up front.