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I went to my first

I went to my first class as the Y tonight. It’s called Rock Bottom. Heather walked out of it 5 minutes into it when they had us against the wall doing squats with our big ball. I don’t blame her. It hurt. My legs and butt are hurting but unfortunately but abs are not. That is really what I want to work-out. I guess it will come. I’m just really proud of myself for not only going but wanting to go so much. I think I appreciate the alone time to myself a lot more now and I am more motivated to change my body after having two children. I have no desire at all to lose weight, it just needs proportioned correctly. Heather kept working out though when she left class and went and got on the elliptical machine. I’m proud of her for signing up and going with me too. Hopefully we’ll both keep it up. Scott is loving it too. He went a ran this morning and then sat in the sauna. Lucky. Maybe that’s what I’ll do in the morning if I can even move. Tomorrow night is Cardio Dance and I can’t wait.

Emma is still sick with the croup. I’m calling the dr. in the morning to see if that’s normal. Lexi picked up a runny nose. I had to sleep in the recliner with her for 3 hours last night while I waited for Benadryl to kick in so she could breath. She was having a really hard time poor thing. Emma missed all her school this week. Tomorrow is their fall festival and we are planning to go now but we’ll see.

We joined the YMCA Monday

We joined the YMCA Monday night. Heather signed up too and said she would go with me to the classes. We didn’t make it tonight to a class because Brian is leaving back for Afghanistan tomorrow and we ate dinner with them. We went and Heather did the elliptical machine. I did that, the treadmill and bike. I just kind of wanted to try them out to see how I liked them. I felt like I completely left my upper body out of the picture so maybe next time I can do some of the other machines. I’m just proud of myself for getting out for 30-45 minutes and “blessing my heart”.

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OK, so my tirade the

OK, so my tirade the other day was soothed overnight. I got busy at work again and calmed down and started enjoying life again. For some reason though, I can not get to sleep tonight. In fact, the past few nights I have had trouble going to sleep.

Emma was incredibly cute tonight. Earlier today I let her help me hold Lexi’s bottle. So tonight she did the same and she kissed her on the forehead and said, She’s precious. With that little lisp she has. It was SO. CUTE. I think she heard Scott’s mom calling Lexi precious. I’m not sure but I know I’ve heard her call her that. Man, they pick up everything you say. In this case, it was adorable. Earlier today I took the girls to Target. I really needed to get out and also wanted to see if they had the knock-off Robeez there in Lexi’s size. We went by the Halloween display and Emma says, That’s aMAzing. Huh? Not sure where she got that one from. Today she was talking to Mom on the phone and she tells her, I want to make cookies at your house because that’s what I like to do. Or something like that. She says it so matter of factly she sounds like she like 7 years old or something.

Lexi has been doing not so good at night. OK but not great. Last night she didn’t take her bottle so she woke up at 1:15 and demanded a bottle – don’t ask how an 11 month old can do that. Then was up again at 6:30 for another bottle. The good news is she slept until 9. Emma climbed in bed with me about 8:20 or so and watched Disney channel until Lexi woke up. The norm for Lexi at night though is to go to bed at 8 or 8:30 and then wake up some time between 4 and 7 to eat and then sleep until 7:30 or 8. Which is definitely better than 6 months ago. Lexi is walking everywhere. She still falls quite often. She is NOT good in shoes. The Robeez is the only thing she can walk in successfully. She is still not saying any words very clearly. Momma and da-da and every once in a while gets a sort of bye-bye. She is really into dogs lately. If she sees one or even hears one in the neighborhood she stops to listen and starts babbling. No idea what she might be saying.

Lexi finally slowed down eating a bit. She still eats way more than Emma, but she does have a stopping point at dinners. She starts throwing her food on the floor when she is and Mattie is usually there to pick it up. Her little pincher grip is finally working. She is starting to pick things up with the end of her finger and thumb instead of side of the finger and thumb. Hopefully she’ll get better and better at feeding herself. I tried to hand her a pop-tart today to eat on her own but that didn’t go over so well. She chewed a whole bunch up and then choked on it.

Scott has been working a lot this week. He got a new police car Wednesday and had to go to Columbia on his day off to get it so he has been gone a lot. Scott said he had to go to work tomorrow and Emma said, again?? She is even noticing. The good news is they are going to give him his time back from going to get his car. The bad news is the weather here is so rainy, I seriously doubt it will be this weekend.

I am drowning with work all the sudden and can’t seem to keep up. I plan to work some this weekend and even Monday, which I should be taking off. And I’m going into the office on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll get caught up. Tomorrow I’m concentrating on cleaning the house (again!). Mom is taking Emma tomorrow so hopefully that will help. With Lexi being so mobile now, it’s actually harder to get work done. The weird part is she’s more mobile, but actually acts like she wants around people/held more. She does much better when Emma is around than when she’s not. So actually I’m not sure if it is helpful that Mom takes one without the other. But I can’t help but feel guilty even suggesting that. I really want my hair cut so I may ask her to watch them just if I can get an appointment and forget the house cleaning. It crossed my mind today to get someone else to clean the house like I used to. And then I thought my real problem is the clutter not the cleaning. Cleaning is a cinch (how do you spell that?) if I can just get the crap where it’s supposed to go.

Ok, if I don’t get to bed soon, I’m going to be an absolute zombie in the morning.

This is one of those

This is one of those days I feel really crappy. Emma pooped in her panties. Lexi has a snotty nose. She won’t eat good or sleep good. Emma is aggravating me. I don’t have any work to do because I’m waiting on everyone else to do their dern job they’re supposed to do. I’m washing clothes which never seem to end because oh yeah, Emma keeps messing up her panties. We’re on like number 3 today and it’s only lunch. I’m feeling clausterphobic. I don’t want to feed anyone else. I’m tired of picking up dishes. I’m tired of checking in at work. I’m tired of trying to be a good wife. I just want to lay in bed and watch tv all day or go out shopping and blow some money. And oh yeah, I’m tried of keeping up with the checkbook too. Somebody please remind me how lucky I am to have a wonderful job, two excellent children, a great house and a wonderful husband.