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I find that I’m somewhat

I find that I’m somewhat hostile these days. No, hostile is not the right word, it’s more like testy or fragile or something. The smallest thing anyone does has me going off the edge. Mom asked me the other day if I had PMS. That kind of thing. And then sometimes I get into these deep thought depressive type moods. I don’t know, my emotions and thoughts have been all over the place lately. I keep convincing myself that I don’t want to talk to the guy at work. That even if I was single, I probably wouldn’t date him. And why do I want to talk to him so bad. And what would happen if I really was single. And I’m not sure why I keep writing these thoughts in this page but I feel a need to get it out. Like confession or something. And then I think what a selfish prick I am to think of all the wonderful things I have now and I’m not grateful for. And then I think of all the ways Scott has been treating me lately cause he seems like he has PMS lately and it starts the cycle all over. Seems like it’s a constant battle in my mind. Then I think why am I taking everything so seriously? Why do I have to overthink every little word or conversation? I don’t know but at times lately it is driving me up the wall.

I went to the Y tonight and ran/walked for 33 minutes and then did abs and arms. I was there for an hour. It felt so good. Just to listen to music, not have to talk to anyone and not have to think.

Tomorrow Scott is working and I’ll have the kids all day by myself. I’m hoping I don’t go crazy tomorrow. I’m going into work on Wednesday so that will be good to get away for awhile. See, I feel terrible just saying that. But, I am with kids 24 hours a day and with my brain all day and between the two, I can’t seem to get it together. I feel like I need to watch a really, really funny movie and laugh my butt off. I think then I would feel better.

I realized that I talk

I realized that I talk about the girls often on here but don’t talk much about me. I guess a lot of what I do these days is just keep up with the girls. But, recently, I have been doing more me centered things. We joined the Y last month and I have gone consistently for 4 weeks now. I’m really proud of myself. I am back down to 120lbs, which is supposedly my goal weight. I don’t want to lose anymore weight but I would like to shift it around some and move some of the weight to my muscles and lose some more fat in my belly. I can tell going to the Y even only for a month has helped in my stamina. I actually ran a mile on the treadmill there last week for the first time probaby since high school. Or, I don’t know if ever. I’ve always hated to run. But jogging at the Y while watching tv or listening to the radio has been very relaxing to me. I do enjoy the classes I go to, Cardio Dance and Rock Bottom. They are getting somewhat, I guess, easy for me and I need to step it up. I would love to have some Madonna arms! And the classes I go to don’t really help with that. My main point in going though is to reduce my cholesterol. I’m hoping at my physical in the spring it will have paid off.

I have also been studying my bible a lot. I have been doing my own little study of different sins. Anger, jealousy, pride, lust, etc. Stuff like that. It’s been quite enlightening and I’ve learned stuff I haven’t learned in the 20 years of being a Christian. It was quite amazing the EXACT thing I studied last week is what my sunday school teacher taught in class. I mean, similar verses and everything. It was a bit overwhelming actually.

One thing I learned is a struggle quite a bit with pride. It causes lots, actually, most, of the other problems I have. I never would have thought that I had a pride problem, but I do. And I think after careful consideration, most people would see they do too. We all think we deserve it, need it now, our way, etc. It’s all about us. Anyway, so that is leading me to struggle a little bit with needing recognition from those around me. Specifically, a guy at work. I don’t have any trouble with wanting to be with him, per se. But I do enjoy the compliments and even just our conversations. I know I have to be careful to not let that lead to anything else. I mean, it’s not anywhere near anything other than friendly but I just don’t want it to go anywhere else. But I really do enjoy his friendship. And I think that’s ok as long as I leave it there. Scott knows all this so it’s not like I’m hiding anything!

So I keep thinking about teaching a Sunday School at church. And then my sunday school teacher says to Scott yesterday, Amy should teach a Sunday School class. Nice. So I’m not sure where that’s going to lead to. I guess to teaching a Sunday School class.

Finances are not going so well these days. We had a bunch of money saved up for Christmas and then the girls’ birthdays happened and now we don’t. I’m selling some stuff on ebay and selling his weight bench and trying to work overtime at work. I think I might even roll some coins :). I’ve only bought one Christmas present so I’ve got to get in gear!

Emma turned 3 yesterday. I

Emma turned 3 yesterday. I can’t believe it. Even more surprising is she’ll be 4 next year! That is realy weird! So we had her party yesterday. We did the Princess theme although about two weeks before her party she wanted to change it to Dora although I had already bought everything. So the family came over and ate spaghetti casserole and then hung around until the other kids got there for the party at 3. Belle called at 3:30. Emma sort of got frozen when she called but you ask her what she says and she says, she says I’m 3 now. We did the pinata next and she pulled the last string and it came down on her head and she cried. The other kids liked it though. They were grabbing up candy and eating it. So we got her to quit crying by saying she could open her presents. Actually, we said she could open them after she did her (Princess castle) cake and she like ran over there and tried to blow out her candle before anyone even sang to her. She almost cried again when we were done singing but she held off. She ate without saying a word and then ran over to her presents. It was pretty cute. She is in love with her Dora house we got her. She woke up at 7:15 this morning wanting to go to the living room to play immediately. I think Lexi liked all the Dora stuff as much as Emma. She was just a snooted and laughing and patting everything. It was cute.

Lexi was sick with the croup and we had to take her to the ER on her birthday. When I took her to the dr. last week, she was terrified. We couldn’t even get her weight because she wouldn’t let go of me to sit on the scales. She said she was about 50% on everything though. I asked about how she couldn’t walk in shoes and he said it didn’t matter. So I guess I need to buy her some more Robeez. They aren’t the prettiest thing sometimes but she can walk in them!

A couple “Emma moments” the past few weeks I forgot to mention…
Skyler and Emma would not share the Dora doll. I gave Emma a big speech about how it made me sad and Jesus sad that she wouldn’t share. She never would share so I put Dora up. The next morning Dora doll was out and Lexi picked it up. Emma ran over to take it from her and then decided to share with her. She came and crawled up on the couch with me and said to me, Are you happy now? I about busted up laughing.

There were more moments but unfortunately I’ve forgotten them and haven’t had a chance to write them down.

Lexi is becoming such a ham and pretty demanding lately. She likes to yell where I really don’t remember Emma acting like that. I mean, she was impatient but I don’t remember the yelling and growling. She still isn’t saying anything very clearly. But the dr said as long as she could understand what you were saying, she probably was fine. She follows commands like come on or go get your blankie, etc. so I’m pretty sure she’ll have no problems. I think it’s just because Emma talks SO much she can’t get a word in edgewise.

Lexi turned one on Thursday.

Lexi turned one on Thursday. I was so excited to turn her seat around. I have no idea why but I was and it is so weird now to look back and see two kids starting at me. Weird. So we had her party planned for Saturday but then Mom was talking about coming over on her birthday and I was thinking MIL would want to come over so I just thought hey, we’ll just have it Thursday. I made sure D’s mom could embroider Lexi’s outfit in time and made sure the cake lady could make the cake and then we were on! I ended up making a pork loin for dinner and everyone ate there after work. It actually turned out really nice. EXCEPT that Lexi was sick all day. She had a fever and was coughing and had a runny nose. She still enjoyed her cake and the bubble machine very much. But she was tuckered out by 7:45 and went to bed while everyone was still here. She got worse pretty quickly and Scott and I were listening to her breath very hard and very fast. She ended up waking herself up because she couldn’t even breathe. At point I wasn’t sure if she could even get a breath in. Scott left for the ER about 11:30 or so and didn’t return until 3. I stayed home with Emma and slept so I could take care of Emma in the morning. The dr. said she had croup and took x-rays to make sure she didn’t have pneumonia. She did have one spot that looked suspicious so while she was there she had Tylenol, steroids and antibiotic. I took her for a recheck today at the ped and they said she did not have pneumonia. So she slept with us Thursday night propped up. But last night she slept in her crib all night by herself without coughing. That was good. Today was pretty fussy and seemed to have another fever. She perked up after I gave her some Tylenol and the Robitussin type stuff. I think her second front tooth is getting ready to come in. She got her second eye tooth about a month or so ago and got her front tooth I think last week sometime. The other gum feels pretty swollen to me but she hates for me to put my finger in her mouth so it’s hard to tell. She is still not good at saying anything very clearly. She can say da-da and momma (but doesn’t really say it very much). She says duck as duh. But she can growl like a lion with the best of them. I think she might be the kind that lets big sister talk for her. She walks and sometimes even almost gets in a little run but she is clumsy as I don’t know what. She is still a mommy’s girl pretty much. Daddy puts her to sleep well but she wants mommy for most other things. She loves people coming over to the house and shows off, running around and jabbering with a big grin on her face. She loves her Pappy. Thursday at her birthday party she was even reaching for him. And she loves Dwayne. She always shows off for him and was just laying on him tonight when they were over. She is such a sweetie and everyone falls in love with her. Her hair is so long. Check out pictures from her birthday party: