Catch up

So we had a great time in Maryland.  Had a fun leaf pile fight on Thursday.  Friday Mom, Heather and Grandma took the kids shopping and then we had a small, small party for Lexi’s party.

Saturday evening we had the big party for the whole family.  It was like Christmas they got so much stuff and almost everyone was there.  It was really nice to see everyone.

The ride home was ok.  I got really car-sick which I am not used to.  Lexi was a nightmare in restaurants.  I mean, really, really bad.  Actually, she was that way all weekend out.

I’m going to work tomorrow.  First full day since Scott got hurt.  Shouldn’t be bad for him.  They have school in the morning and then his mom will come get them.  We’re already planning a Mexican lunch.  Yumm, can’t wait.

I voted today.  Go vote if you haven’t and it’s not too late!!