Changes are starting

I knew the changes were going to come to our youth group but yesterday’s surprised me.  I met with K before church yesterday and basically we’re scrapping our entire web site and boiling it down to a one pager.  Part of me bristled at the idea.  I mean, I worked HARD on the current web site.  But part of me knows that it’s not used like it could be and it really could be boiled down to a lot less than it is.  I should look at it as on opportunity to develop a web site, learn something new and move on.

Under the advisement of G who has helped take over the band, we’re going to scrap the live band and sing to tracks for awhile while the band practices until they are more sure of themselves.  I’m good with this as it needs done but it will be kind of weird doing it.  Last night I didn’t sing as a new youth visitor has stepped in since last week and she has an AWESOME voice.  Besides timing issues, they were great last night.  I felt like the mother bird in the back of the room pushing them out of my nest.

Looks like there’s changes in the horizon on the Sunday School front as well but they may not come until the fall with the new church year.

I always like to say I’m progressive and don’t mind change a bit but I’d say my gut reaction to yesterday told a different story.