Spring Festival

So our all-day event Saturday was our spring festival.  MIL ended up keeping the kids Friday night and took them downtown about 10.  I got there about 11 since I slept in from my late night of work the night before.  This festival thing was different than our previous ones.  This one was held at a really big walking park/playground in town.  They roped off part of the field and had a main stage and then booths all around the field.  The really limited who could be there and there weren’t annoying circusy-type things to buy and the food was provided mostly by local churches or community groups.  They had a local American Idol type contest, a magician and local bands playing.  It was really cool.  We were there until almost 9pm only leaving for about 45 minutes to pick Scott up from home after he got off.  Our church was able to make a nice chunk of change to help our youth go to camp as well.  So here are some pictures from the day…


Emma got fitted for a new helmet which they GAVE them and got to ride a bike through a course.

Picture 079

Lexi did too!

Picture 088

The park…

Picture 128

The food! That cotton candy is almost as big as her!

Picture 111

We watched the hot air balloon…

Picture 092

Said hot air balloon….

Picture 120

The magician.  He really made a rabbit come out of a hat.  I’m still trying to figure that out!

Picture 142 

Then guess who fell asleep?

Picture 115

Emma hung out with Heather while we watched the band Parallel play

Picture 096

Here’s the concert….LOL.  That is HILARIOUS because it looks like absolutely no one was listening.  But really, there were a ton of people beside us and around us.  Parallel is an AWESOME band.  We grew up with 3 of the players including the lead singer and he is a fantastic singer.

Picture 011

Anyway, so that was the day.  It was perfectly 80 degrees and overcast and just fun to be hanging out at a park all day.