Sunday Highlights: Outlaws: No Reason to Run

Today was an introductory sermon for a series on the Ten Commandments.  He began by asking the question what is the purpose of the 10 commandments?

Some feel as if He’s setting us up for failure so why try?

Exodus 20:1-2 – God makes it clear that these commands are for His people NOT “I’m God and this is how I can be your God”.  The 10 Commandments show us our sin.  We can not ever meet these laws and it’s even worse when Jesus came along (i.e. murder is in your heart, not just an action).  It can feel like a hopeless situation and there’s no point on trying.  But..

There is no reason to run from God.

The purpose is to show people their sin and show how holy He is.  Shows us that not only do we need a Deliverer but a Redeemer. 

It’s not a condition but a confirmation!  If you are His, this is how you will look NOT act like this so you will be His.

Purpose is not to run from Him but to Him.  Laws are simply preparing us for our own exodus when we realize we need delivery from our own spiritual slavery.

I have to say this turned the law a bit on its head for me.  It’s so easy to be legalistic but God shows us what holiness looks like simply to show us how much we need Him.  He knows we can’t meet them and He’s not expecting us to be able to follow these rules but He does want to lay out what holiness is so we will see our need for Him.  He wants us to follow Him not rules, however obedience in our thoughts and actions will follow.