Sunday Highlights: Outlaws

Sorry I missed 2 weeks of this Ten Commandments series.  It’s certainly not because it’s not good.  Because in reality, it’s kind of kicking my butt.  A reminder today we got of the purpose of the Ten Commandments is one I want to emphasize and that is, these were written and apply to God’s people.  They are not for unbelievers to follow so they can become a child of God. Rather, they are how God’s child should act so that an unbeliever knows that they are a child of God.  And in turn, that they also know what God looks like.

So today is Exodus 20:16 what you would know as Thou shalt not lie.

He shared a Top 10 list of lies people tell including some funny ones like “I’m walking out the door right now”, “It hurts me more than it hurts you” “You look great in that”.  And some serious ones “I’ll be praying for you”, “I love you” “I do”.

Four reasons why we lie

  1. Pure corruption – get what I want, however I want
  2. Malice – trying to hurt someone
  3. Fear – children do this a lot for fear of punishment.  Could be fear of losing marriage, job or friendship
  4. Boasting – expand the truth to make you look good

9th commandment is not only about lying.  It’s more broad…do not use words that are damaging or disloyal to someone

Ways we are disloyal or damaging

  1. Lying
  2. Breaking your word
  3. Verbal assassination

Light reveals and darkness conceals.  Truth is light and it reveals.  Lies conceal.  The name Satan means deceiver.  He is the Father of Lies.  We choose darkness so we can hide.  But God calls us to His character.  He is light.  If our word is not trustworthy, consistent, people won’t ever know who God is.

Be honest with yourself.  The battle begins inside.  We lie because we believe the lie that life will be better if we do it.  Satan has deceived us.  Lying only makes life harder and more complicated.

Luke 6:45.  Your words reveal your heart.  Our hearts our corrupt.  We must draw close to God.

Challenge: Measure your words as if God were with you because He is.  We would talk a lot less and listen a lot more.  Ask God to reveal your struggles you may not even see yet.

I’m not a habitual, corrupt liar as is spoken of in reason #1 or lie just to hurt someone in #2 or even boasting in #3 above.  But if there is one area listed I struggle with time to time is lying for fear of someone being upset at me or confrontation.  It’s so enlightening for me to see that even these “white lies” have a root of fear.   Which, if you know me, fear has always been such a struggle.   Even when I think I have it trumped, it still shows up!   I’m still praying 2 Timothy 1:7 “God has not given me a spirit of fear!”

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