American Idol Top 5


Round 1

Hollie – I really, really liked that.  Strong voice and a commanding performance.  Perfect? No.  But great for Hollie.  I’ll half whisper this: she reminded me of Celine Dion.  I know, right?  That’s huge.  Definitely what Hollie needs to stay around.

Is it just me or did Phillip look really sick in rehearsals? Stay well, P2!

Phillip – Did I love that vocal? No. But I do appreciate the effort and like Jennifer said, he makes me pay attention.

Skylar – I loved her energy level and she sounded great but gosh that song was repetitive.

Joshua and Phillip – Phillip is just not good in groups. He’s fabulous on his own. So charming. And Joshua was trying to knock it out of the park. Just can’t love that as a duet.

Jessica – First off she looks amazing. Maybe too much for a 16 year old. And wow, she sounded amazing too. Performance was there. That was great.

Joshua – Sometimes I just don’t like the songs he picks but really he is an amazing singer. I’m just trying to figure out where he belongs in today’s music. I’m not sure I agree with Randy that he could make a record like that right now.

Round 2

Hollie – Love her dress so much. The song not as much. It’s pretty enough but for me the emotional aspect wasn’t there and her timing was weird in the beginning. Didn’t agree with the judges as much. It wasn’t bad, just didn’t blow me away.

Phillip – I loved the song until the chorus. It looked like he was really having to dig deep for those notes and it didn’t always work. Made me feel a little uncomfortable watching and when I closed my eyes to listen it didn’t sound up to par :(

Skylar – Woo Hoo! Shout out to Rizzo on Grease! I loved that. Skylar has totally come around this season. She’s harnessed all that energy for good.

Steven is so pointless as a judge. What a waste of money. I can’t understand half of what he says.

Jessica – Seriously? I mean seriously? I heard this song spoiler before the show and just assumed that a guy would sing it. I mean, why would a girl sing this song?? I was so excited to hear Phillip or Joshua sing this and then Jessica picks this? Who was she singing that to? For someone that is really needing to connect with a song emotionally, I think that was a complete fail. Sure she sounded great but it was just so unemotional for me and completely ruined the meaning and power behind that song. Go back and listen to Danny Gokey to see how it’s done.

Joshua – Joshua Ledet can SANG. I loved that. Loved how he held back and then it let it wail.

Favorites: This is hard because everyone had one strong song. Favorite first round Jessica and second round Joshua.

In trouble: Weakest tonight was Phillip :( but if anyone goes I’m picking Jessica just for the YASB performance.