Feathers #001 with Jessie Weaver [Podcast]


In this episode, I chat with Jessie Weaver.

Jessie is a stay-at-home mom to three little ones: Libbie is 6, David is 4, and Joshua will be 2 in March. She is a freelance writer and editor, working for ParentLife and HomeLife magazines. She has been blogging since 2006, and last year made the move to JessieWeaver.net


In this episode Jessie and I open up the episode with a chat about the terrible 2’s and essential oils.

Jessie then shares the story of how her and her husband had plans as a young married couple for her husband to become a college professor and for them to move close to their parents and raise a family.  God completely disrupted their plans, taking them down paths they never thought they’d go. At times it seemed that God had forgotten them and He wasn’t on their side and yet, by trusting Him through these twists and turns, God provided in ways they couldn’t have guessed and formed a life they love and is able to influence hudnreds of young men for the glory of God.

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 Devise your strategy, but it will be thwarted;
    propose your plan, but it will not stand,
    for God is with us. Isaiah 8:10