Feathers Season 2 Episode 7 with Bethany Haley Williams [Podcast]


In this episode, I chat with Bethany Haley Williams.

Bethany Haley Williams is the founder and executive director of Exile International, an organization that exists to restore Africa’s former child soldiers and children orphaned by war. With a PhD in counseling psychology, a master’s in clinical social work, she is a leader in the specialized field of war-affected children rehabilitation with worldwide organizations such as the United Nations and the Global Trauma Recovery Institute. With more than twenty years of experience in the field, Bethany maintains a small counseling and coaching practice in Nashville, Tennessee. She and her husband, Matthew, reside in Nashville, Tennessee, and lead the work of Exile International together.


Bethany shares her  journey from a battle of shame to starting Exile International to provide rehabilitation to war-affected children.

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