Feathers Season 2 Episode 15 with Elizabeth Maxon [Podcast]


In this episode, I finish my chat with Elizabeth Maxon.

Elizabeth is a storyteller, a truth seeker, a grace giver, and a word weaver.

Her passion is journeying with others from splashing in the shallow waters of this world to diving into deep truth and real community.

Elizabeth is wife to Joey and mama to Lucy and Oliver. The Maxons make their home on the edge of the woods in the quaint college town of Clemson, South Carolina. Together they are one branch on a very complicated, but beautiful family tree.


Elizabeth shares the story of God calling her to the quiet to hear his direction. In the quiet, He asked her to leave her job, although it was in the church and she had no next steps or reasons to leave. She shares how God immediately began to increase her influence and move her family.

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Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life. Dallas Willard

Not all good things are God things. Elizabeth Maxon

If I want to hear from God and lead me specifically, I have to give him some room for him to tell me these things. Elizabeth Maxon

I have to carve out some time every day that I can position myself to hear from God. Elizabeth Maxon

We start seeing threads and themes coming together and see God directing us. Elizabeth Maxon

God gives me holy highlighter moments. Elizabeth Maxon

What do you think requires more faith of you right now?

Trust without clarity. Elizabeth Maxon

God calls into places that aren’t completely clear, but if we trust Him, we have to take that step. Elizabeth Maxon

If I say I surrender my life to him, that means being obedient. Elizabeth Maxon

Any vision that I have for my life has to start with a revelation from him. Elizabeth Maxon

Without revelation, we just do whatever. Elizabeth Maxon

Follow me and really learn what that means. Following me means staying behind me and waiting for me to give you the go ahead on what I want you to do. Elizabeth Maxon

God, bless me in the waiting. Elizabeth Maxon

In the waiting, he’s developing our character to match our calling. Lysa TerKeurst

Empty is the new full. Elizabeth Maxon


Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint. Proverbs 29:18a




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