Feathers Season 3 Episode 1 with Mary Carver: Chasing Dreams, Stopping Along the Way, and Choosing Joy


In this episode, I interview Mary Carver.

Mary is a wife, mom and writer from Kansas City who lives for good books, dark chocolate and television marathons, but she lives because of God’s grace. She’s a word nerd, a Jesus follower, and a big fan of YA novels, Mexican food and pretty office supplies. She has a blog called Giving Up on Perfect, writes for (in)courage (a blog for women from Dayspring), and author of Choosing Joy. Mary says that after a lifetime of trying harder and doing more, she’s finally learning to give up on perfect and get on with life.


Mary shares her story of writing her first book Choose Joy, looking back at the stops along the way and seeing how they weren’t detours, but times of preparation. We then discuss her book Choose Joy and Sara Frankl’s story of choosing joy amidst severe pain.

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Those of us who read her words realize she was just a person like me so when I face troubles, whether they’re extreme as hers or just regular run of the mill junk life gives me, maybe I can do that too. Mary Carver

I’ve always felt like there was something big that God had for me to do and I don’t mean big like famous like world-changing, but big for me and big for Him. Mary Carver

I always felt this drive to find out what it is He wants me to do. There was a lot that I learned and I needed to learn in all those jobs. So I wasn’t in all those jobs until I could write a book, they were part of the process. I always felt like the stops along the way were the end. Mary Carver

I was able to come back to this belief that God would use me and He would use me in a big way, and I don’t mean big like Jen Hatmaker or Oprah. He would use me in a way that mattered to him and me and there was a reason all those other things didn’t work long-term. Mary Carver

I really want things to make sense, but that’s a silly thing to ask from God because His ways are not our ways. Mary Carver

That’s where the rest comes in. We go back to His words in Scripture and go back to the truth and say I don’t understand this, but He does. Amy Bennett

At the same time she trusted that God had a plan even if she never understood it, she also still remained hopeful that she could be healed or things could change. Mary Carver

Healing doesn’t always mean physical healing. But He had healed her heart and He had changed her and used her. Mary Carver


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