Feathers Season 3 Episode 8 with Wendy Speake: Small Moments of Obedience and No More Angry Moms


In this episode, I interview Wendy Speake.

Whether she’s with loved ones in her actual Living Room, alone in God’s Living Word, or speaking to a room full of women, Wendy Speake is inspired to share life and faith with others in creative ways. As Jeremiah had fire in his bones, she too feels compelled to share the Gospel of Jesus — she just does it with stories that probe the glorious and hurting places of life, pictures of faith lived out in her home, and recipes purposed to inspire hospitality.


Wendy shares a story of a small moment of obedience in the grocery store that had a big impact. We then chat about anger and parenting and how we live out the call to be loving and kind in all the small moments of parenting.

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God is so much more concerned about our obedience to Him than our children’s obedience to us.

Keep doing the good parenting.

Keep on responding right even when you’re children are responding wrong.

Being obedient in the small things is so important.

Love is a sacrifice. I am sacrificing love today when I don’t have enough to fill myself up.


If we can identify our triggers and know what to expect what can trip us up, we can prepare better.

Figure out what you mean to say until you say something mean.

If you complain about what people serve you, people are not going to enjoy serving you.

Let’s not give in to the knee-jerk reactions, let’s choose to respond in a kind way. Our kids are going to do wrong, but we have to join them. We can still do right.

We have trained our children not to respond to us until we get to that point. We need to go up to them and say, “I’ve made a mistake.”

Whining and complaining is a precursor to backtalking.

Backtalk parenting script: “The way you’re speaking to us is unkind. I need you to go away from us until you can talk to us in a nice way.”

There’s a time for “because I said so.”

We don’t have to fight just because they invite us to fight.

When we meet them fit for fit, they don’t ever get to feel bad about their behavior because they’re feeling bad about our behavior.

If you can slip outside the ring and slip around to their corner, you can speak to them as their coach.


The kindness of the Lord leads us to repentance. Romans 2:4



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