My Next Ministry Path and Your Invitation

I have some really exciting news to share today!

I’ve spent the last 15 months or so on a break from writing and concentrating on my podcast Feathers. I haven’t written about it here, but I shared a bit on episode 16 of Season 2 how God has used the time to teach me more of my identity in Him. God healed me in several hurt places from my past and confirmed my creativity, and I’m still learning to stand secure in identity as beloved daughter, gifted and called with purpose.

Last year I also felt called to speak and spent last year attending a speaking conference, writing my first message, and then getting to share that in my mom’s church at a women’s group and at a youth retreat at my home church in November.

In the last six months, God has begun to show me my next steps in ministry.

The message I wrote last year was birthed out of John 15, where Jesus shares with his disciples that he is the true vine and warns them that they can do nothing unless they abide in Him. This is the lesson I have been learning for years now, perhaps the hard way. God is prompting me to share this message with other women in an online ministry called Abiding Ministries.

The vision God has given me is to encourage women to read his word, pray, and obey Him.


Feathers is already completing part of that vision as women encourage others with their stories of faith and obedience. I’m excited to see this expanded into Bible reading challenges, morning encouragement videos, teaching series, prayer partners, and more.

I’ve met with friends, family, and other wise people and feel confident the next step is to form a small pilot group of women that would begin doing these things together and help launch Abiding Ministries as an online ministry.

The pilot group will meet together starting June 1 in a closed Facebook group and commit to:

  • Read the Bible in 90 Days (June 1 – August 30)
  • Participate in a study I’m writing of John 15 (likely 4 weeks) which will include written and video material and give feedback

In this group you’ll receive:

  • Daily encouragement by video
  • A tight-knit group of women for accountability
  • Free study materials for John 15
  • A deeper understanding of abiding
  • Clarity of God’s big-picture story
  • Deeper relationship with God as you study His word
  • A prayer partner
  • A certificate of completion for reading the Bible (just for fun!)

If this idea excites you, I would absolutely love to travel the next few months together. I need accountability and encouragement as much as you do. If you would like to be in on the launch of this ministry and can commit over the next 4 months, please apply to be in the group here. Applications will be open until Monday 16 at midnight–you have one week!. I will be prayerfully considering each and every entry and truly believe God will reveal Himself more as we follow after Him together.