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Since my parents and sister

Since my parents and sister are coming this evening, I thought I would make us some of my mom’s yummy pot roast. I knew it wasn’t hard but didn’t know what kind of meat to get. I finally found the chuck roast I was supposed to buy. I don’t know how many pounds it was, but it was like $14. And let me tell you, standing in line at the check-out, I felt like a woman buying that thing. I had a big piece of meat and I knew what to do with it! LOL

I always feel bad when

I always feel bad when Emma gets on my nerves, but boy, she was all over them this morning. It was very obvious she was tired, so I tried to get her to nap. Scott has been handling that all week since he has been home. They take their nap together. Well, I guess she didn’t care for me to put her to sleep. So I would let her down and then she would just whine about everything so I would pick her up and she would scream bloody murder for that. I couldn’t win for losing. She finally gave it up and has been asleep for 30-40 minutes. I don’t expect her to sleep more than another 30 minutes. At least I got dressed, got my make-up on and did some laundry. Phew!

Sometimes in recovery of an

Sometimes in recovery of an addiction, you slip :)

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I just can not stress

I just can not stress enough how anal I am being about our taxes this year. We had some friends over last night (more to come on that) and he was saying that since Scott works for the state, there is some meal allowance he gets. It would be like $800 if I figured it out right. Scott apparently ignored the email they sent about it. Now I am dying to find something out about it but I can’t find anything on the Internet. I even emailed them to try to get more info but I haven’t heard anything. And our W2s are still not here!

So we had another trooper and his girlfriend over last night. We are both from the same area and we both moved here when they got the job. We are about the same age too. We had a really nice visit. We ordered pizza and I had made brownies so we had brownie sundaes. She was so good with Emma and Emma loved her! She wanted to play her animal board game thingy with her the whole night and when it was Emma’s bed time, I gave Emma to her in the recliner and she held her down like a baby and rubbed her tummy and Emma was out like a light in about a minute. I was so impressed. I thought for sure Emma would not go to sleep until they left, but no. It was so nice for someone else to do it! I told her she needed to come over every night. We planned to go on a shopping trip together soon. We all had easy conversation. The funniest was when he was talking about Scott eating so fast in police academy. Apparently it was a running joke. I have said lots of times Scott inhales his food. He puts his head down and shovels. Seriously.

Mom and Dad are coming down tomorrow. I guess I’ll be home alone for the big football game on Sunday. You guys just don’t know how crazy people are being up in Charlotte. I work for a bank there and they are letting everyone where jerseys to work. It’s a bank, people, and they’re letting us where jerseys and jeans! Random gas stations have tables set up with all kinds of Panthers stuff for sale. People have flags and stickers on their cars. Well, you get the picture. Go Panthers!

Home Depot Princess

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We were at Home Depot where I saw this apron for .99 and put it on her. Everyone we passed said something about her. I didn’t have my camera with me like I usually do, so we gave her her hammer when we got home and snapped this.