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My parents house got 17″

My parents house got 17″ of snow dumped on them. Us, only an hour down the interstate, got zip, nada, not a thing. Well, I certainly don’t count sleet as something exciting. Who knew we had “gone south” for the winter.

Boy, I had no idea

Boy, I had no idea there would be so many questions for these ebay items. Measurements, shipping, etc. I guess that is a good sign people are looking at them.

Scott went and got his tag for his Jeep today. His property taxes were only $33! That’s compared to our car that’s 10 times that much. The sales tax on the car was a little more, but I’m glad to have it over with. I thought we were going to have to pay that on our income tax next year for some reason.

We are really busy at work but I’m really procrastinating. Working hard on one thing when I really should be putting my attention on another thing. Ugh! I hate testing!

Is it really bad when

Is it really bad when you become addicted to green bold numbers on the “Items I’m Selling” page?

I’ve gotten a couple responses

I’ve gotten a couple responses to my ebay stuff. No bids though. I keep hoping everyone bids like crazy right before it ends tomorrow evening.

I’ve got a second customer too! My best friend’s parents moved out of their house to go work at a youth home and have filled my friend’s garage with STUFF. They are planning to have a yard sale in April, but she said there is so much stuff, she wants me to try to sell what I can on ebay for them. Yay! I think I already need a storage space just for this stuff because she is bringing me the first CAR LOAD this Friday. Yikes!

I think if I ever really need some business after this, I’m going to put flyers throughout the apartments. I can’t even imagine how much stuff I could sell for people who are in between houses. Plus, they are right in the same apartment complex, so technically, they could still store it wherever it is!

Emma got her right top cuspid two days ago. The other one was about out yesterday. Those two will make 14 teeth!!

We don’t look anything alike

We don’t look anything alike 😉

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