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The dr’s visit went well

The dr’s visit went well today. I played as clueless as I could about the date of my last period. I really am unsure, but I was thinking it was one of two Sundays. ANYWAY. It was enough to convince the nurse practitioner to give me an ultrasound. Yay! AND I get another one in two weeks. The tentative due date right now is November 26, only 6 days after Emma’s birthday. And Emma was early. I know every pregnancy is different, but it’s definitely possible they have the same birthday and also possible we have a Turkey baby. Not good. They took lots of blood today and that’s what they want to go over in two weeks when I’m there. No more nausea since Friday. My stomach is finally all better from that yucky virus. This pregnancy is so different already. I feel so unprepared. Last time, I walked in the dr’s office with 3 months worth of temp charts and knew exactly the day I would be due already. I already had a name picked out and was ready. This time, I feel sort of taken by surprise, no due date, no names picked out. It’s just a weird feeling. One thing that I really don’t want to be different with the second is how many pictures I take. Mom always says the second one never gets any pictures and if they do, it’s with the first. I really want to try to take lots of pictures of the new baby too. As far as baby names, we are still kicking around Vance Montgomery from the first time around for a boy and are SO clueless on girls. Neither of us have any idea. I know we have plenty of time though!

OK, so we’re a little

OK, so we’re a little surprised. I posted a while back that we had started trying but boy, it didn’t take long! Last time it took 15 months and this time only 2! Friday morning I was feeling nauseous. I thought maybe I was hungry and tried to drown it with some root beer. We took Emma to the zoo about 10 and I could not handle the smells. Normally I can smell it but it doesn’t bother me. This time I was having to hurry Scott and Emma along to the next one. At this point I was thinking it could be pregnancy nausea, but wasn’t convinced. We came home, ate and went to the post office. On the way back, I asked Scott to stop at CVS so I could buy a test because I still wasn’t feeling right. When we got home Emma was asleep and I promptly took the test. It immediately came up. I started dancing around the bathroom saying I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant. Scott, was like Hold on, it says you have to wait a minute! Well, anyone that has taken a positive one knows if it’s gonna show up, it usually does pretty quickly. We ended up emailing our immediate family the picture of the test. Everyone was a little shocked but really happy. I don’t know exactly how far along I am because I don’t have marked down my last period. I won’t go into details, but I think the conception date is March 4. So, what I’m really hoping is the dr. decides to do an ultrasound! I doubt it but it would be nice. I’m thinking I’m 2 weeks ahead of when I got pregnant with Emma and Emma was 2 weeks early, so I think they will be almost exactly 2 years apart!
This of course has given us the kick in the butt to put in for Scott’s transfer back home. I can’t imagine doing this here by ourselves. He’s going to talk to his corporal who is out now on “maternity leave” when he gets back at the beginning of April.
Oh! So, I forgot the rest of the story on Friday. I ended up getting REALLY sick. Scott had left for work at 2:30. By 4:30 I was doubled over in the living room. I called Scott and told him he needed to come home. So he did. It turned into a stomach virus. I was pretty weak even yesterday. Just today I can walk around and do things like I need to. I’m hoping the nausea is only due to that stomach virus and not the pregnancy. I can remember curled up on the couch the first go around thinking how in the world would I do this with another one running around the house. The rest of this year should prove to be quite interesting!

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Ok, Scott came in the

Ok, Scott came in the door about 15 minutes after my last post WITHOUT Emma. I about freaked.
A:Where’s Emma?!
S: Don’t worry about Emma
A: Where is Emma?!
S: I said don’t worry about Emma
A: You better tell me where my daughter is. Tell me she’s at S’s!
S: Yes, of course..

OK, so it freaked me out at the beginning that he actually took Emma to S’s. That means he arranged a babysitter days ahead of time without my knowledge. How cool is that. He took me to a new Italian restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to but was too fancy to take Emma. I had steak and he had a pasta plate. It was so great to be out to a restaurant and not worry about Emma. We decided on no dessert at the restaurant but opted for a sundae from McDonald’s :). I know, cheap dessert, but I’ve been craving their hot fudge lately. I even mentioned it the other night. We went after that to pick up Emma. Neither one of us wanted to keep Emma over there too long. We found her in a good mood and happy to be there. They said she was very easy to watch. But she was tired when she got home. She took a very quick bath and barely got her clothes on before she was out like a light.
Now back to my husband–isn’t that the best??? I can’t believe he did all this. I’m still in shock that he actually called S and called on favor to watch her. S even gave up a hair appointment to watch her claiming she couldn’t say no when he was being so sweet. I’m so proud!

OK, something strange is happening.

OK, something strange is happening. Scott said earlier he was taking care of dinner. At 5:00 he told me my clothes were laid out in the bathroom and he and Emma were taking a car ride and would be back to get me to go to dinner. They’ve been gone for about 30 minutes. I’ve been ready for about 27 minutes. I called about 10 minutes ago and asked where in the world he was and he said he’d be there in a minute, actually a few minutes. Where is he?! I was thinking maybe he took Emma to play with S&H’s house and they were going to sit for us and he was taking me out. I’m not too overdressed. Just a low cut shirt (imagine that), jeans and black high heels. He even had all my jewelry picked out. What is going on??