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Alrighty, so we bought a

Alrighty, so we bought a house! We ended up offering, she counter-offered and we counter-offered back, settling at $100 above offering price + 3K in closing. We were happy with that. Looks like we won’t need to spend more than $100-200 extra in closing above our down payment. We are really excited about it and have already started making a to-do list of what we want to do. Just some cosmetic things mostly. We are set to close either 6/25 or 6/28. Less than a month away!! I can’t wait! We still don’t have finaly approval on our transfer, but according to Corporal’s instructions, we should rely on Fst. Sgt.’s original comment that we should plan on being in Fort Mill on June 30. So that’s what we’re doing.

I finally made a comment to my good friend whose wedding I’m in and who I am helping throw our other friend an engagement party. I had agreed at first to split half of food and a keg for the party. After I told Scott, he was none too happy about spending our already thin money on something we don’t even drink and something we don’t think anyone else needs to drink. I know we are in the minority, but that’s just the way it is. Anyway, so in some conversations about the party in email, I finally spit it out that I’m not too happy about having to split the cost of the keg but I was willing to do it since I said I would. She wrote back simply that her and her fiance would buy the keg and we could split the cost of the food. I just put ‘ok’ back in my email. I feel REALLY crappy about what I said even though it was the truth. I think if I had told her from the beginning that I didn’t want to help for the keg that I would have been fine with it. Now I just feel like I’ve insulted her, gone back on my word and look like a cheapskate. It’s a crappy place to be. She hasn’t emailed me a thing since. I can’t decide if she is truly insulted or just doesn’t have anything else to say to me now. It is quite an awkward time for things to be weird between us. The engagement party is in two weeks and it’s supposed to be a fun time. And then I’m supposed to be in HER wedding in September. I actually do remember my relationships with some of my friends being quite strained the closer it got to our wedding. I guess it’s just a stressful time. Our other, other friend and I talked a little bit about this friend that I’ve been talking about and we talked a lot about how different she is. I’m not saying this about all unmarried, childless people, BUT she is very immature in some ways still. Very selfish in her thinking and has no idea what it is like to be a wife and a mother or either has no regard for those that do. I just feel like we’re living different lives now. Not much in common anymore. I mean, on the surface, we get along. Our goals are just different now and that’s ok. Really. It’s just she’s got to be able to understand my life is a little more complicated and she just DOESN’T see that. I know I’m talking in circles but I just need a little frustration out about this.

Mucho disappointed in most of

Mucho disappointed in most of tonight’s American Idol. Especially the fact they sang songs they had already sung before. They’re great at it, but come on, we need some variety. The first two songs of each contestant were blah. I didn’t like either one. The second were the repeats. The third…Diana was not so good. Fantasia rocked that last song. It fit her to a tee and almost had me in tears. If she doesn’t win, I will REALLY be mucho disappointed.

More baby movement today. I actually felt a kick on the outside this evening. Most of the feeling is either like he’s pushing on something on my left side, a little kick here or there or just random rolling around that makes me feel like I’m going upside down on a roller coaster.

We (I) talked through our offer on the house with our realtor today. She needs to do some more checking on the comps because we both feel like the house is overpriced. But, we really need the money for closing instead of bringing the price of the house down, so I don’t want to offer too little and have them laugh in our face. We’ll know more tomorrow. We are hoping that Scott gets to talk to the Captain tomorrow and finds something more sure out. I am still a little hesitant putting in the offer without knowing for sure but like I’ve said before, we are running out of time.

I think we are headed home for Memorial Weekend. Scott has to work on Mon and Tues but I think Emma and I are going to stay through. I’m kind of looking forward to the pool time and cook-outs.

Emma is becoming quite the

Emma is becoming quite the little bossy one. She MMMmms and points until she gets what she wants. Scott and I are going bonkers hearing so many MMMmms. Someone PLEASE tell me if my child is normal or is really demanding. She has also started this thing if you correct her about something, she comes and gives you a hug. Man, we’re in for it.

I think we’ve targeted Wednesday for the big house offer day. Scott goes back to work that day (on days), his Captain should have no reason not to get in touch with him. Fst. Sgt. was supposed to find out something and he should have by then. And we’re just plain running out of time. I would be upset if the homeowner said she didn’t have time to move out by the end of June.

We went swimming yesterday and today. Man, is it hot around here. Yesterday Emma had quite a time at the stairs but cried when we took her out. Today she did ok with me holding her in the “deep” end but didn’t care to sit around at the steps. I’m sure it will take some getting used to. Last year she was a little water baby. I could zoom her around on her belly, carry her in the float, splash and she’d be fine. This time she seems kind of scared even though outside of the pool she LOVES water. I really want to try to put her in a baby pool and see if she takes to that better. Here’s a picture of her little Gymboree swimsuit.
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I’ve been a little sick

I’ve been a little sick the last few days. Fajitas at dinner on Thursday did NOT agree with my intestines. I haven’t felt right ever since. I’ve been doing a lot of lying down the past two days since Scott has been off. He went back to work tonight since working bike week last week and only has to work today and tomorrow and then is off again for two days. Ah, the life.

So Scott and I have decided on the house I saw last week but we still haven’t heard anything for sure about the transfer so we haven’t put in an offer. Time is getting close so I’m guessing we might put in an offer in next week no matter whether we hear or not. The rumor from everyone is we’ve got it, they’re just waiting until our lease is up at the apartment and since that isn’t until the end of June, no one is in a hurry to tell us about it. I’m getting really excited about moving. I can’t wait until I can actually paint a wall. I really want to try to make a plan for each room though. From all the decorating shows I watch, the one thing I have learned for sure is to make a plan. Even if I can’t buy everything (or anything) up front, I want to be able to know what direction the room is headed. I think that will help me not want to change everything up so often.

I have been doing some spring cleaning. I realized that in the next month we’ll probably have family helping us pack and that means they’ll see all our clutter. I can just hear them saying, Have you even cleaned this since you’ve moved in…have you even touched this since last year. I don’t know when I’ve gotten so concerned about people’s opinions, but I’ve realized noticed it in the last year. Maybe since I’m home all the time now, I expect more of myself for the house. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve just lived with Scott for too long. Speaking of which, this month we’ve been together for 10 years! This August will be our 6 year anniversary. Hard to imagine.


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