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Thank goodness for extended warranties.

Thank goodness for extended warranties. We bought one for about $1200 or so when we bought our car. It has lots of electronic gadgets so we figured it might be worth it. We have had several of the window motors replaced, the heated seat in the driver’s side (would never have been fixed without the warranty, it was $600) and two days ago my car overheated. Turns out two of the radiator fans needed replaced and the pressure had caused a crack in the reservoir so that had to be replaced. Guess how much that was?? $856!! We only had to pay our $50 deductible and then a $38 service fee that the warranty wouldn’t cover. I can’t believe what a rip off that was. We have to take it to a fancy smancy dealership certified service department so the warranty will cover it. It still needs two belts replaced and the spark plugs but Scott can do that or we will take it to somewhere cheaper since it is not covered under the warranty.

I am SO confused about what to do with Emma’s crib/bed situation. She does great at night, has never tried to climb out of her crib but she DOES NOT sleep well during naps there. She sleeps in our bed for naps. I wonder if she would do better if she had her own comfy toddler bed. But then I think of having to chase her down at night when she crawls out of bed. But then what will we do for the new baby’s crib? I don’t know. A mother of 4 told me to keep Emma in her crib until Lexi is 3 months and then move her to a bigger bed while Lexi sleeps in a bassinet in our room. But then that stinks because I won’t have a crib all pretty and ready in the nursery. I know it’s kind of pointless when they are first born to have a crib, but I have to have a decorated nursery!

I was just emailing someone

I was just emailing someone at work and said “my oldest daughter”. That’s weird.

I’m still battling this cold

I’m still battling this cold a little bit. Emma has some sort of diarrhea thingy going on. I promise her poo was rosy pink yesterday afternoon. It was THE weirdest thing I’ve seen come out of her yet. She won’t eat much either. I mean, she gets by with a couple bites at each meal and those were coaxed into getting. Not sure what is going on there. She doesn’t have a fever so I haven’t gotten that concerned yet.

Yesterday I ended up going into work and Emma stayed with Scott’s grandmother. She didn’t have a nap until I got her home and she fell asleep about 7. That is the longest she has ever gone without a nap. She slept until about 8:15 and didn’t go to sleep for the night until about 11. She can’t do that often, I was about to knock out myself. She is kinda crabby today on and off. MIL is coming to get her when she gets off at 1 so I’m hoping she falls asleep on the way to her house and gets a good nap in.

We are going to the beach on Monday. It keeps slipping my mind that we’re going. It’s like, oh, we’re going to the beach. For some reason it’s not a big deal to me. I guess I should be excited for Emma. MIL is going to take Emma with her when they go on Sunday. I was all for that so I don’t have to be in the car with Emma on a 3 1/2 hour drive. No thanks.

My mom and dad bought a house in Maryland where my side of the family lives. Dad is up there now remodeling it. Seems like he has gotten a lot done. We will probably go up and stay for a week in September. I am definitely not looking forward to that drive with Emma then. We are planning to get a DVD player for the car so she can watch the Wiggles when she gets cranky. I hope that does the trick.

I have been sick the

I have been sick the past couple of days. Some kind of sinus thing. The house needs cleaned but its hard when you can hardly go 5 minutes without blowing your nose.

Emma has been a MawMaw’s (MIL) girl the past couple of days. The only thing she can say after leaving is MawMaw?, MawMaw?, PawPaw?, MawMaw? We try to explain they are back at home but she keeps on. She only wants her to hold her when she is around though. MawMaw of course is soaking it up!

Busy, busy working. I just

Busy, busy working.

I just needed to get in here that Emma calls me Mamy. Well, sometimes it comes out Momma or Mommy, but I get Mamy alot. I think she gets confused when people sometimes call me Mommy in front of her and sometimes Amy. I need to get it on film cause it’s just one of those things we’ll always talk about…