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It’s snowing, it’s snowing. Well,

It’s snowing, it’s snowing. Well, not at the moment, but it did this morning. We have maybe an inch or so. We got out in it this morning after Scott got up from working last night. Emma made a few snow angels which were pretty cute. Both of the girls are currently taking a nap. It is heavenly since Scott has gone back to work and everyone else stuck in their house. My friend J is getting married today at 6 and IL’s are going to pick me up and go while SIL watches the girls. Should be interesting having her watch the baby. I should only be gone for 1.5 hr so I can’t imagine it would be that bad. I may eat my words later. When Scott kept the girls the other day when I was at work, it wasn’t too good because Lexi would not take the formula. She probably only ate 2 ounces for her last two bottles. Poor thing. She ate well when I got home. So, I’ve been pumping quite a bit. The way the schedule is working out though, I don’t think she should need to eat while I’m gone, maybe AS SOON AS I get back, but hopefully she can hold off. I don’t like having to pump and I don’t want to thaw out milk for a “maybe” feeding so I’m just going to tell her to make formula if she gets desperate. It is not a real pleasant time of day for her either in general so hopefully she won’t cry the whole time. I don’t know why I worry about these things so much…

I’m taking Emma to the circus next weekend. I told her and she says, JoJo’s Circus? I was like, no, not JoJo’s, just the regular circus. I wonder if she expects to see her there.

Yesterday Mom took Emma to her house. On the way, the stop at a stop sign and Emma says, P-O-T-S. Mom was thinking she was just babbling her letters and but looked over and saw her looking at the STOP sign. Hopefully the reading of the letters backwards has no indication of dyslexia since she doesn’t really understand yet that words go left to right.

Lexi has made no attempt at rolling over yet however she is trying to talk quite a bit still. She has been doing really well the past 3 nights. She’s still waking up 2-3 times a night but she has slept in her crib the entire night. It makes my nights so much better. I can actually get comfortable without worrying about her.

It is the 29th and I STILL do not have my W-2. That aggravates me so much. Scott got his in his box at work last night and the numbers were off from what I had calculated from his last December pay stub I had. I forgot to take out his retirement, etc for the taxable wages amount. Looks like we’re getting back another couple hundred we weren’t expecting. Yay! We have a list made of things we want to do with the money. Mostly it’s stuff around the house we want to improve or buy. Hopefully I’ve calculated it right because I’ll be disappointed if we can’t get the stuff we are now looking forward to getting.

My cable modem died this

My cable modem died this morning so I decided to come into the office. I didn’t really want to but I had planned on coming in some time this week so it might as well be a day I could go in late with a good excuse. Scott is off all week so he has both girls today. He called and said the guy couldn’t get my Internet working. They are trying to blame it on my router. Whatever. It just better be fixed today so I don’t have to go to the office tomorrow. I miss my girls. It is nice to be away but I hate the drive and I know Lexi is probably having a cow because I’m not there. She definitely knows when it’s me that’s holding her vs. someone else.

Lexi has been smiling and trying to talk a lot. She does her best at 5am. She does that wide mouth almost laugh that is SO cute. I simply can not catch it on camera but Mom and Dad saw it yesterday too.

Emma is a hoot! We pull up to a turn to go to our church if you turn left, the road forks. You go on the left fork to go to our church. Emma has been recognizing where we are going for awhile now. When we turn in Mom’s neighborhood, she’ll say Grandma’s house. Anyway, we pull up to the stop sign at the fork and ask her which way to go to church and she pointed correctly to the left. So we turn down that way and she points to the “right fork” and say, Actually, that way. How does she know what actually means?? She’s saying so many things now and is even getting better at saying things. She is now saying Hea-her for Heather instead of just Hea. Trooper is now Trooper instead of True-True.

She is getting so smart at her letters. She hasn’t memorized the order of them yet except for ABCD but she can tell you all the sounds they make…while dancing and clapping mind you. And if you write the letters on a piece of paper, she’ll tell what it is and what sound it makes.

Yesterday in nursery I think they were singing a bunch of songs because yesterday you could tell she was trying to sing something and today she was dancing and said Jesus Loves Me. Awww! I had her say it like 50 times. It was truly music to my ears.

We are still working on potty training. This morning Scott put her panties on. She went potty once and then the next time we asked if she had to go and she said no and about 10 minutes later peed in the foyer. At least it wasn’t on the carpet. If we insist she goes, she normally goes happily but she just doesn’t remember to go. Every blue moon she’ll run in there and go. I’ve even seen her take her own diaper off and run in there to go potty. I haven’t read anything about how to do this so any advice would be great, mommies!

Yesterday was probably the nicest

Yesterday was probably the nicest day we’ve had as a family in a while. We were both of on MLK day and took our time getting ready. We left the house at about 11. The baby fell asleep on the way. We went to United Supply to get some rods for Emma’s curtains. Then went to Pier One. We headed to Jason’s Deli for lunch and it took forever but Emma was so well behaved. She never got out of her seat once and didn’t whine at all. We then went to TJ Maxx where she followed us around very nicely. She listened to all direction we gave her. The baby stayed asleep through this whole shopping trip. It was SO nice to shop with her asleep and have Emma mind us while we were out. I really miss shopping and am having so much fun decorating this living room. We came home after that and Emma took a nap, the baby took a nap. Scott watched a movie and I ironed Emma’s curtains and JUST LAYED AROUND. It was fabulous.

We’ve been decorating the living/dining

We’ve been decorating the living/dining room like crazymen. We’ve painted the walls, painted our dining room chairs and base a dark brown color, hung new pictures. Yesterday I bought a wrought-iron thingy that hangs in the peak where our vaulted ceiling goes up and it looks so good! I also bought a large vase to sit on our dining room table and I love looking at it. We get a lot of light in the dining room and it looks so good. It has green and brown leopard sort of looking spots at the bottom of it and they shine so pretty. I have lots more plans for the dining room and I wish we had a ton of money to do it all at once!

Lexi went to the dr

Lexi went to the dr on 1/12. She was 10lbs 12oz. 22″. 50% on everything. She looked good. Her ear infection had gone away, everything else looked fine. She got 3 shots and we heard about it let me tell you!