Vehicle Issues

So our Jeep has left both Scott and I stranded seperately.  Currently it is sitting at the Highway Department.  Since he is working in the office every day now this is an issue.  For now, his sgt. is picking him up in the morning and we’re hoping it starts so he can drive himself home.  Scott really wants to buy D&D’s Durango they have for sale.  And I do really need a vehicle to drive into work when I need to so I don’t have to borrow my dad’s car when I go.  But a Durango is not good with gas and it’s really more money than I want to spend right now.  We still haven’t heard the final word on our whole ebay scam yet and that is a lot of back up money/down payment we don’t have anymore.  So I don’t know what we’ll do if we still can’t get the Jeep home tomorrow.  Scott’s friend did say that he thinks he knows what the issue is and could fix it only for $14.  Which is great.  But Scott still doesn’t want me to drive it to work so it doesn’t fix that problem.  I don’t know what we’ll do but I expect some sort of vehicle exchanging in the near future.