Vehicle Issues

So our Jeep has left both Scott and I stranded seperately.  Currently it is sitting at the Highway Department.  Since he is working in the office every day now this is an issue.  For now, his sgt. is picking him up in the morning and we’re hoping it starts so he can drive himself home.  Scott really wants to buy D&D’s Durango they have for sale.  And I do really need a vehicle to drive into work when I need to so I don’t have to borrow my dad’s car when I go.  But a Durango is not good with gas and it’s really more money than I want to spend right now.  We still haven’t heard the final word on our whole ebay scam yet and that is a lot of back up money/down payment we don’t have anymore.  So I don’t know what we’ll do if we still can’t get the Jeep home tomorrow.  Scott’s friend did say that he thinks he knows what the issue is and could fix it only for $14.  Which is great.  But Scott still doesn’t want me to drive it to work so it doesn’t fix that problem.  I don’t know what we’ll do but I expect some sort of vehicle exchanging in the near future.

Reunion – Part 2

So Saturday…I picked up the cake and bought some decorating stuff that morning.  We met at the Legion at 1 to decorate.  Had a panic moment when the lady said we couldn’t decorate because we hadn’t paid all of our money.  Which I knew we owed money and I was supposed to bring the checkbook to pay the rest but she insisted I had to pay cash on the spot.  I luckily had money for the cash box and paid her.  Crisis averted.

So decorating was pretty uneventful.  I did come up with the idea of putting the tables is a 96 shape.  I think everyone was skeptical at first but then when it got done, it was pretty cool because it didn’t matter which end of the room you were on, it still read 96.  And we did one set of tables in blue and one in yellow.  We had mums on all the tables with a bouquet of blue and yellow balloons attached to each.  We also had a memory table with yearbooks and such.  We spent 2 hours decorating and most of the was moving tables and chairs around so we were all pretty efficient.  I think several people were hurting pretty bad from the late night before so they were ready to get done.

 So reunion time rolled around.  I wore the same outfit I wore to the American Idol concert.  I can’t believe I didn’t buy something new for my reunion but anyway.  It was a brown satin corset with jeans and brown sequins-y heels.  N and I worked the sign in table for the first hour or so.  Which was nice because it gave me something to do instead of trying to mingle.  There was only 1 or 2 people I flat out didn’t recognize.  Thankfully N has a very vibrant personality and covered whatever ignorance we had.  So once most people got in, we had the DJ announce dinner and everyone ate.  Most people had seen each other the night before, so to me it was a little anti-climatic but it was a nice dinner.  So the Prez and VP of our class got up and did a little speech about thanking everyone and remembering the two classmates that had passed on.  It was a nice ending to the speech.  So the DJ started after that.  People were slow moving to start moving around and dancing.  I think we had the most people dancing (around 20 maybe) to the electric slide.  Did I mention our class NEVER won spirit week and had the least school spirit ever?  I was not surprised at all at the lack of participation.  Needless to say, most people moved into the adjoining bar and socialized there.  People, including me, danced on and off to the music but our DJ was HORRIBLE.  He had nothing new to play, no Sexy Back, no Buttons, nothing good to dance with.  So we were stuck with 80-90s music and that just got old.  But there was this one guy who when drunk tended to dance a lot and he was hilarious (he was voted most school spirit from our class).  He was the only guy really that danced.  And he was lovin dancing with all the girls.  We also had a little photo-op place set up and a few people got their pictures taken.  We also had a prof photographer taking pictures.  We had her pictures and our senior video playing on a screen throughout the night.  I think I’m painting a really bad picture of what happened.  It WAS a lot of fun.  It seemed like everyone was mixing well.  People who probably never talked in school were talking to each other and I think the people who were there were sincerely happy to see one another.  No big surprise like makeover girl from Friday night.  One guy that showed up was a lot different.  He must have hit his growth spurt after school because he had grown much taller and bigger and supposedly he graduated at the top of his class at the Citadel where he never really excelled in high school.  I found out a couple girls are pregnant.  In fact, several people were pregnant or had just had babies recently.  So overall, the night was a huge success.  We had 10-15 people show up at the door we were counting on so the coordinators ended up not having to pay any extra money.  In fact, we had $150 left over.  Of course, the year before had $3000 left over, but I’m not complaining so I ended up getting money back.  Overall, I’m happy that I helped out and everyone considers it a success so maybe the 20th will be easier to plan and we’ll do something a little more extravagant and have more people.  Who knows.  I’m just glad I have one more thing off of my plate!!

Reunion Part 1

I still want to post about the reunion, so let me just get done what I can for now.  Friday night.  Only 6 of us showed up for the tailgating at the football game.  I didn’t even recognize one of the guys.  He looked really good and his wife was really cute.  We made fun of ourselves for being such dorks with only 6 people standing under a tent with a big sign but oh well.  We went and got seats up in the stands together and we ended up having probably 20 graduates or so and spouses show up.  I was pretty pleased.  Around 3rd quarter, we were losing the football game and some of us decided to go ahead to the restaurant/bar.  So we head over there and there are already several people there.  I decide to just go for it and speak to everyone I saw.  Everyone was being so nice to each other at the game.  It was quite weird.  Most people sat with their friends from school but everyone seemed, like, so mature and like good old friends that really missed seeing each other.  It was quite odd.  Anyway, so I go up to this guy at the bar who was and is really cute.  He seemed a little drunk already but I gave him a big smile and moved to hug him and he smiled and made some really nice comment about how great I looked.  He seemed genuinely shocked.  Ok, so it was a drunk statement, but I’ll take it.  I talked to everyone I could that night.  Seems like everyone talked to everyone.  It was really cool.  There was one girl that showed up with her fake boobs hanging out.  She was editor of the newspaper in school and well, homely/shy I guess you could say.  She said she got braces, got rid of her contacts and then got “accessories”.  Oh and let me not forget, that “she got laid and laid loosened up.”  She seemed very intent on letting everyone know what a dork she thought she was in school and how much she had improved.  Ok, so maybe that’s what I think of myself too but I really hope I didn’t come across the same as her.  Anyway, we left around midnight.  The girls spent the night with my mom.  It was actually Lexi’s first night overnight somewhere.  She slept upstairs with Emma on a palet (how do you spell that word??).  So maybe she can start doing sleepovers too.  OH, and a little more reunion gossipy stuff, that cute guy ended up making out with a single girl at the bar and my friend M apparently has pictures of it.  I still have yet to see them.  OK, maybe I’ll do Saturday tomorrow.  I think I’m going to bed.


There’s so much to talk about on the reunion.  For now, it was a blast and big success as far as we can tell.

Reunion Day #1

So last night was our last reunion meeting.  Yay!  I didn’t even think about that until I just typed that.  Our leader seems a bit bitter about the whole thing.  I had suggested we lower the at-the-door price so more people would show up and she agreed but you could tell she didn’t want to come down on it.  She said she didn’t care about how she dressed.  She didn’t want to provide drinks at the game.  She didn’t want to do appetizers at the after game party.  I understand the whole money thing and we’re overbudget right now but it seemed she didn’t want to do it because she was like mad about the whole thing.  I don’t know.  Tonight is the game.  I have to meet her there at 6 to help set up and greet people.  Then tomorrow I have to go get the cake and be there about 12-1 to help decorate.  The good news I have no responsibilities at the actual reunion. I don’t have to speak, hand out anything.  Just have to sign people in in the first 30 minutes.  That’s it.  And that should be easy.  OH!  I need to go get some cash out of the bank.  Whew, glad I remembered.  I think it may turn out pretty good though.  The only thing I think is sketchy is the food.  It’s not supposed to show up until 15 minutes after the start time so it can get there and we just eat.  But that’s going to look redneck if we’re eating out of styrofoam carryouts.  I hope they’ve thought about what to put it in.  In fact, I just emailed them about it.  Ugh, I can’t wait until this is over.  I AM really excited to see everyone but I just hope its not lame.