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My sister went to NY and I got this t-shirt!

office.jpgWoot!  So my Mom and sister got back from NY on Sunday night.  The only thing they bought me was this Office t-shirt and I’m super excited about it.  She thought about buying me the I love Jim t-shirt and although it probably fits me better, I’m not sure I could actually go to the gym with Jim’s picture on my chest.  Well, maybe I could.

Thank you, lungs

Thank you, lungs, for realizing you CAN let the mucus go.  It’s ok, really, you’ll be better without it. 

I can’t remember last time I’ve coughed so much.  My abs actually hurt from coughing so much.  And what’s worse is most of the coughing is unproductive.  I had to sleep in yesterday because I was so tired and worn out from coughing through the night.  But last night, except for getting up at 3am for the dog I slept the entire night and don’t remember coughing at all.  This morning I’m coughing but they seem to be productive.

One Tree Hill

So after less than 2 weeks, I’ve finished watching Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of One Tree Hill.  Woot!  This is a great show!  I can not believe how much older/bigger James Lafferty was in Season 3.  He came back from High Flyers and I was like, oh my gosh, someone has been working out (ok, not really from High Flyers, but you know).  I think most teenagers are probably in love with Lucas but I really like Nathan!  I actually like him when he is mean and also when he is so sweet to Haley.  Kind of see both sides to him.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Lucas and I REALLY want Lucas and Peyton to get together.  I have a feeling it’s going to be like a Rachel and Ross thing and won’t get together until the last episode.  Which what I hear may be soon as they almost didn’t get their Season 4.  Let’s just hope I didn’t watch all this just for it to go off the air this season.  Dan is downright evil, I just don’t even see how the writers come up with the some of the things for him to do and say.  And poor Karen, Keith and her finally got it together and now he’s gone.  I don’t blame her for her anger.  So the finale of Season 3 kinda sucked.  Beautiful wedding and all but Nathan JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE.  Several people might be pregnant and right now, I have no more episodes to watch.  I do think I found the first 7 episodes online so I get to see a little of Season 4.  Anyway, until then, I’m waiting on the edge of my seat to see what happens.

what up

I’m sick.  Blah.  Got whatever the girls had.  Been coughing up, or trying to, my lungs and came down with a fever yesterday. 

So Friday night the kids were at MIL’s and Scott was working and I stayed up until FOUR AM watching One Tree Hill DVDs.

Saturday we went through the pain of getting our family picture taken.  Scott and I didn’t get up until noon.  MIL apparently wasn’t going to bring the girls home so I had to load up all the girls stuff and plan to get them ready over at their house.  But we get over there and Lexi is asleep.  Nice.  No one’s fault but frustrating all the same.  Lexi woke up long enough to get her picture taken with red eyes and all.  Oh well, it was a free sitting and we get a free 10×13 so really no loss.

Saturday afternoon C&D came over with E.  He is finally starting to seem like a little baby boy.  He smiles now and talks and even sits up in his Bumbo seat.  He’s so cute. 

Saturday night the girls and I went to Blockbuster and the grocery store and they spent most of the evening watching videos.  Sunday Emma stayed the day over at SILs and I thought I was coming home to put Lexi down for a nap, but no, she never went to sleep until 6 and only slept an hour and then woke up extremely cranky.  In the meantime, I had developed a fever and this horrible cough.

Today the kids are at school this morning, Scott’s sleeping off his last night of working nights.  And right now I really just want to cough up this lung I’ve been trying to cough up for a couple days.

lexi phrases

Lexi has added a few more phrases.  Now she says “Wait a minute!” and yesterday I was in the bathroom and puts her little finger up to her cheek and says “Hmm, let’s see.”