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picking up

so instead of trying to catch up much, i’ll just try to pick up now.

AI was ok last night.  I LOVE Blake.  Chris lost some points with me last night with the Teletubbies comment.  Unnecessary.  According to, paul kim and nicholas pedro are gone.  fine with me.  Sanjaya is my least favorite.  Too immature and skittish.  Sundance is weird, I hope he doesn’t go far. 

Tonight is youth group.  Nothing special planned.  But S is coming over to talk about new plans he has for the youth and some I think affect the whole church.  I think we are going to start some small group stuff.  Which will be cool.  We’re working on a DVD to hand out about the youth group and also working on a new front for the the web site.  Should be cool.

I just got done reading Sex God by Rob Bell.  Great book although not as great as his first, Velvet Elvis.  In the middle of reading Saving Life of Christ by Major Ian Thomas.  Ordered more books yesterday one by Andy Stanley and another by Erwin McManus or some such.  All recomendations from S.  I have never read so much non-fiction in my life.  I do have Lori Wick’s latest book White Chocolate on my desk that I need to read.  Usually get those finished in a few days.  Her last few have been bad, I have high hopes for this one to redeem her.

Lexi is talking up a storm these days.  Her latest phrase is I tired.  And she copies EVERYTHING Emma does.  Emma asked for a tissue in the van the other day and then Lexi asked for one.  Emma was leaning against the wall, so Lexi had to.  The play together really well unless there is something they both want.  And poor Emma is so sweet, she always wants to share so she’ll quit crying and the toy doesn’t get taken away.  Emma had Dora boots on and Lexi wanted one.  At first she protested and then told Lexi, here, you have one and I have one.  Good thing they weren’t actually planning to go out like that.

Saturday is a launch party for the new magazine and supposedly I am going to be on the cover.  I hate saying that really and don’t want people to assume I’m all model-type.  Which I guess sometimes I let my pride get the best of me but in general that’s not how I want people to see me.  I’m fine with those words she’s pretty but I’d really like, she’s really nice or smart or a really good Christian or something to follow right after that if not before.

I am still on this schtick of wanting to quit work.  I could really keep myself busy with work with the church or even several churches.  And it would make me happy.  I never feel so good and purposeful than when I’m doing something for the church.  Even going to pick out paint on Monday for Home Depot was so. much. fun.  I just felt like I was doing something good.  Something right and worthwhile.  But I know I’d miss that paycheck I get and our insurance.  And there goes the Y and the kids school and who knows what else.  I’m still praying about it but right now, I just don’t see it happening.

We got a Land Rover.  Have I mentioned that? I can’t remember.  It’s a black 1996 Discovery.  I love it.  But it has some things that need fixed including the driver’s side motor thingy that moves the seat.  I have to use a pillow when I drive it.  Which has only been once.  But I still love it.

And we got our tax money back.  Which is great.  Except so many people owe us and we owe credit cards we have put stuff on to get points on (we always pay off each month) and our checking account is all screwy as to what is what in there now.  And our dog had fleas and hook worms and that was a nice bill.  And then Scott bought a pressure washer from his uncle to help him out with money and there went more of the money.  So who knows what we’re doing with our money except we bought the Land Rover.

fleeting flattery

i was with one of the girls in our youth group at home depot monday.  she’s painting our logo on our wall in our room and she needed help figuring out how much paint to get.  so we’re standing in line at the contractor’s desk so we can put it on our church account.  this guy comes up to me and says “excuse me” so i turn to him and he says “are you single?”  i grinned and said, “No, I’m not”.  he said, “Oh, I just wanted to tell you you are absolutely gorgeous.”  i of course turn like bright red and smile and just say thanks and he walks away.  that is the first and probably only time that has ever or will happen to me.

so awwwww

I’m still here

I’m still here.  I keep putting off posting because it just seems like so much work to catch up.  In a nutshell, I’ve been reading a lot, working on the youth group’s web site and went to the beach this past weekend.  We had a blast. 

On a side note, I’m watching AI and Blake is the best by far.  I still love Chris S and Chris whatever but I hated Chris S’s Teletubbie comment. 

Photo shoot

So my friend is the new editor/creative director of a local women’s magazine. She asked me and the girls to do a mother/daughter photo shoot with a possibility of being on the cover of the next issue. Woot! So Friday we went out to two local boutiques and picked out about $1,000 worth of outfits to borrow and wear. Then Saturday we shot the pictures at my friend’s house. So here they are…

Probably the one of me lying on the floor will be the cover and one of the candids of me and the girls will be on the inside. I’m very excited about this although absolutely no one knows anything about this magazine and probably won’t ever see it, but that’s ok. Nothing is set in stone yet so who knows, they may scrap the whole thing. But it was a really fun experience for us.

Magazine Cover!

I’m on to a fashion photo shoot with my girls!!  More on it later!