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Magazine is here!

It’s for real!  The magazine comes out this weekend and it’s already online!  I think it looks pretty good although I have nitpicky things to say about the pictures.  I think overall Melissa does a great job of making the magazine look clean, streamline and hip.  I’m thinking about taking those pages out and having them framed.  Have no idea where I’d put them but I think they’d look good in a black frame matted in glass (you know where there’s just glass where the matting goes). 

People from work want signed copies which is really funny to me.  My manager is out of town next week and he wants me to leave a signed copy on his desk.  I don’t think I’ll have a “signature” signature except that I’m planning to sign it like I do my checks lol.  I thought about putting the Proverbs 31:30 reference on it but then I’m not sure.  And then I thought of XOXOXO but then is that really appropriate for my manager?  I really don’t want to make a big deal about it…it is only a free magazine that my best friend from 3rd grade took pictures of me in her living room for free.  LOL. 


Scott’s off doing a side job today.  Hoping to make some extra spending money for the Turkey trip.  Apparently getting jewelry and rugs over there is a good thing.

Speaking of the Turkey trip, his trip is less than 2 weeks away.  Sort of surreal.  I am really excited for him.  I can’t wait to hear what happens.  He is going with a group he really gets along with and I just think they will be great together.

I am pretty tired today. I feel like I just need a nap.  I’ve been going to bed late and having to get up with the girls through the night.  And I can tell I had no nap on Sunday. 

I think Scott might stay home with the girls and let me go to youth camp by myself in June.  We just found out David Nasser is going to be the speaker again which is really cool.  I’m getting really excited…one week with no husband or kids while they are all safely tucked away at home together.  Woot!

kids STILL sick

So last night Lexi about coughed up her lungs and I had to get up and give her a breathing treatment at some point in the middle of the night.  Scott was up with her around 6am to hold her in the recliner so she’d quit coughing.  Emma started the coughing and sneezing this morning and Lexi’s one eye looks suspicious.  Great, they are trading illnesses.  I find myself quite tired this morning.

Paci gone.

Lexi made it through the night (sick) without a paci last night and only asked for it twice today..once when she got up and now when it’s nap time.  She’s still whining in her room not wanting to take a nap but knowing she slept the night without paci, I’m not giving in.  I really think paci is gone for good.  Yipee!!

Spring is here!

flower1.jpgI’m so proud of myself for cutting a few flowers in the yard and making a little bouquet.  I have the vase on my desk and it makes me smile inside every time I see it.