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Busy weekend

So we have a pool!  It’s not perfect and it’s cold but it holds water and we went swimming in it!  So apparently getting the whole thing level is kinda important in the whole process of pool-building.  The liner is all wrinkled where we don’t have the liner adjusted just right, we have a “deep-end” about two inches deeper than the other because the sand wasn’t level, the one side of the pool is s-shaped because the beams are aligned right and the pool water is lopsided because one side of the pool is higher on the ground than the other.  Oh well.  I’m just glad we haven’t had a flood in our back yard yet. 

We got in Sunday when it was about a foot full and the girls had a BLAST.  Lexi carried the hose around, squirting everyone.  She went under a couple times thinking it was like the bath tub where she could lay down in it.  She coughed it up and kept on going.  Emma had fun as well, running around with me trying to get away from Lexi.  Yesterday we had both families over for Memorial Day, mine for lunch and his for dinner.  It had 2-3 feet then and Lexi was deliriously happy in the pool and Emma as well.  Emma can swim around with her swimmies and Lexi sure tries.  Lexi jumps and floats and everything else that says she is not one bit scared of the water.  Mom was pretty much shocked at how well she did.  I think she is a little fishy made for water.  We had to beg her to get out and I think she’d go back in in a heartbeat.

The water has been off and on since Saturday night and we still haven’t gotten it full. But last night it got up to the bottom of the skimmer line where Scott needs to put the skimmer in so it’s on hold for now as he is working today.

Other than that, this past Friday we went out to eat at Longhorn with D&D. Fun as always.  I wish we could do more stuff with them.  Saturday morning I headed to the gym and cleaned inside a little before heading outside to help with the pool for the rest of the day.  Sunday was church and pool.  And I already mentioned yesterday.  So here we are at Tuesday.

I leave for youth camp on Monday.  I need to study the bible study lessons.  My printer is out of ink so it has held me back a little.  Not sure if the girls are all ready for that.  And really I’m starting to remember that although youth camp was fun, it was a lot of work too trying to keep up with everyone and being in the hot sun all the time.  They keep you so busy, you barely have time to think.  I would like a break from work though.  I am SO busy.  Which is why I have got to get off here and get started!


it’s wednesday and i’m posting.  surprise! 

Scott has been working really, really hard the past few days on the house.  Our friends brought the tractor came and dug up the back yard on Friday.  Scott has been working to haul away the remnants of that as well as the front yard where we cut down the tree and are leveling out the ground there to plant grass so he can park his patrol car there.

On a side note, I’ve seen improvement in our relationship.  I’ve determined that I should keep the house clean for my own pride and responsibility instead of in fear of his displeasure.  If I’m always cleaning for him, it’s always going to be disappointing for me and him and I’ll always have a chip on my shoulder about it.  I should keep my house clean because I live there and I should have enough respect and pride for myself to want to live in a nice, clean house.  And he seems to have learned to hold back any criticisms and smart-alecky responses that he says just because he can.  I’ve found myself wanting to be nicer to him and help him more.  Which I think he appreciates.  Somewhere along the way we lost just enjoying to be together and wanting to help each other out.  Everything seemed to be an argument and a struggle and every criticism just heaped on more bitterness.  Hopefully we’re turning that around.  I feel like we are and that’s good.

Today is the girls’ last day of school.  They are having a picnic with games and activities at the school.  Emma will miss Ms. Dawn and Ms. Jeri Lyne and I know Lexi will miss Ms. Terri and Ms. Kay.  Emma will always be Emma B. (Bee Dot) because of Emma F in her class.  And this will be the first year she said she had a boyfriend at school.  And she’s played dr and she’s the “boss” of the class, having “all the ideas”.  And Lexi after 2 weeks of crying found a second home.  One that she runs to and goes to sleep just to be at the next morning.  I’m so glad we decided for them both to go this year.  I have them scheduled for 4 days a week next year and it will be Emma’s last year before “big school”.  I can’t believe that!  They did a height chart and she’s grown like 5 inches just since the beginning of school.  She’s gotten so big and smart and I just can’t believe that’s my little baby.  I’m getting so old!!  I will be 30 a month before she starts kindegarten and also our 10 year annivesary is around there too.  I think it will be quite a time next year.


Yay, Tessa wins.  Although my pick Bevin made it to the finale, Tessa finally stepped up in the last few dates and won Andy’s heart.  I’m so happy for them although I about begged them to get a room on the After the Rose show.

Yay, Apolo wins.  Very excited about that.  I really think he deserved it although Joey did extremely well also.

Yay, Jordin is going to win AI.  Although I really, really like Blake and will buy his album 100 times faster than Jordin’s, I thought Jordin’s last performance won her the title.  And I’ve said for awhile she’s AI material.  So go Jordin.  Both zabasearch and dialidol have called the winner and I don’t think it will be a surprise to anyone.


Desperate Housewives finale was really good.  I can’t imagine someone will not rescue Edie in the nick of time.  Bree is conniving as normal, how I did not figure out her fake pregnancy before it was revealed, I do not know.  Seemed obvious after the fact.  Lynette..can’t believe she puts up with her mother.  Of course, why do any of us lol?  Finally Susan and Mike–very sweet ceremony.  And poor Gaby being used as a pawn, wonder if that will be annulled or she’ll use him back somehow.

 The Office finale was fantastic.  Loved that Ryan got the job!  That surprised me.  Jim and Pam are on!!!  Whoo hoo!!  Why oh why do I have to wait 4 months now to see them together!  So much more I could say about the episode, I doubt you want a line by line review though!

I was so mad at Grey’s!  OMG!  I can’t believe they left the season like that!  Not fair!  Nothing was resolved except the chief which really wasn’t resolved.  And now Burke is gone, George might be gone, Mer/Der might be gone.  Ugh!

wow, what a weekend

This has been some crazy days around here since Thursday.  Thursday I went and had my appt with the counselor.  D ended up helping out here with the girls so I could go to the conference this weekend.  Then Sunday was spent at church and then the four of us went to see Shrek the Third.

 So I basically had some breakdowns this weekend.  It’s been some time coming I guess.  After Thursday’s session, I was in conversations with mom and told her what had been up between me and Scott.  In short the counselor had said basically Scott was treating me bad and the “stuff” at work last year was an escape mechanism for me.  Basically it all is a result of our relationship vs. me thinking they were two separate issues.  So Scott and I have done some talking and I’ve done a lot of praying and crying and forgiving and pleading.  Scott seems to really have “gotten it” this time and I’m hoping to see some changes in the future.  I’m really not sure how much I can take.  Not that we’re talking separation by ANY means but I can’t take any more stress…I’d have to quit something so I could just deal with the stress.  Mom still thinks I’m doing too much and need to cut back but honestly I don’t know what else to cut back.

I’ve been feeling sort of just “low” and “empty” since Saturday.  But today I’m feeling a little more hopeful.  Scott wrote me a sweet little story about us and I star as a flower lol.  Which is actually odd because I had written a little story about me as a flower right after everything happened last year.  It seems almost prophetic or something.