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Voice Lessons

That’s the simplest way to put St and my meeting today.  We basically went through about 10 songs we sing and took time on each one to figure out my key.  It seems to range from C-G.  Most of the ones he sang were in A, mostly too high for me.  Which now makes perfect sense.

So now I have to relearn all these songs and practice, practice, practice.

The Beach – Day 1

We left the house about 3 today and got here right before 7.  The kids were great on the way down with Lexi sleeping for over an hour and the DVD keeping them busy in between.  We headed straight for the sand when we got here.  I opted no swimsuits for the evening but took the opportunity for pictures.  I think I got some really cute ones.  But Scott forgot the cord for the camera so unless we buy one here, they’ll have to wait.  I did snap a few to my flickr account though. 

So I gave Lexi a big speech about the sand.  Making sure she knew she’d get her feet dirty and it was ok and we’d wash them when we were done playing.  We left our shoes at the walkway and she didn’t even want to stand on the sandy wood but I plopped her down in some soft sand and you could see her little toes curling trying to feel it out.  She liked it.  And they spent the next 30 minutes or so playing on the beach.  You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  THAT was heaven on earth.  Being with just the four of us with no one even in hearing distance.  No deadlines or judgements or schedules or work or laundry.  Just us.  J&J were about 3 hours behind us so we went back and cleaned the sand off and changed into our suits and got in the pool and hot tub.  It was the girls’ first times in it and they both loved it.  The water wasn’t nearly as hot as some of them I’ve been in.  But it was great.  Emma’s comment at one point was “This is perfect.”  I agree.

The girls spent the rest of the evening playing, waiting up for J&J to get here.  I just put them to bed a little bit ago.  Hopefully they’ll sleep in a good bit. I could use the rest.  I’m really excited for tomorrow and it looks like we’re staying until Sunday for now.  Yay!

Changing themes

I think I finally found a new one I like and it may not be a safe thing to do the night before I leave out of town but I’ll be converting tonight.

 *Update: wow, that wasn’t that bad.  An hour later I’m back with all my sidebars and everything.  Going on a hunt now to replace the pictures in the header.  Liked the idea, maybe just not those particular photos.   Wish me luck.

*Second update: k, uh, that’s not happenin.  Those images at the top are actually 3 images where the tree in the foreground is one image and then the green trees in the background are actually repeating images…one color and one in black and white.  Not as easy as swapping out pictures apparently.

Beach trip

So I’m out tomorrow.  We’re leaving around 2 I think and will be back either Saturday night or Sunday afternoon depending on how the girls do.  If it’s a nightmare and they hate the beach (Lexi wouldn’t step on the sand last year), we’ll go ahead and come back, otherwise we’ll stay.  In fact, we may just stay just ’cause we can and we’re not going with family and finally get some time just the four of us.  Well, technically we’re going with J&J and his parents.  There are two condos and we’ll be staying in one with J&J and his parents in the other.  J&J are very easy going and fun to be around and Emma and Lexi LOVE them so I suspect it will be a great weekend.

WW Update

So it’s been, what, a month since I started Weight Watchers?  Something like that.  I splurged this past weekend at one point was up 1.5 lb from goal.  With the beach trip this weekend, I’ve been really strict this week and am now under goal by a pound.  Which really is like a pound above my “ultimate” goal.  It’s really nice to be able to maintain right around goal without much effort or suffering at all.