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Looking for a little peace?

Last night Scott and I had to get ready for Sunday School and youth bible study tonight.  I normally teach Sunday School but was really tired last night and not up to studying.  I asked Scott to do Sunday School and he said sure as long as I did the bible study.  No other leaders were going to be there so it was up to us.  Fine, that gave me another afternoon to prepare.  Lately we’ve been using the Youth Link song sermons.  I stopped by the youth room this morning to look through the book and pick a CD to take home.  I mentioned hearing the song East to West last week on the way home and was pleasantly surprised to see this song as one of my options. I barely looked to see how the lesson was laid out and took it home.  Honestly, I didn’t think the lesson did justice to the song and taking what’s been on my heart lately and tying in what our speaker from Wednesday spoke about, I came up with my own thing.  I’d like to share it but it’s going to be long…it took about 45 minutes to get through.  So if you’re up for it…read on.

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80% Addicted to Blogging

Are we surprised??

80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

More on Advertising

I’ve been thinking a whole lot about this advertising/blog monetizing stuff.  Hundreds of dollars a month would be quite nice.  I could pay off our van in less than a year or so (and so many more things I want to do).  But with pay per post, you actually have to do something. A whole lot of something.  Like, at $10/post, that’d be a post a day.  Which is obviously not a problem for me since lately I’ve been posting 3 or 4 times a day (by the way, is that driving you crazy??).  But it’s still a lot ("a lot" is used loosely) of work to get the opps and submit them and do them.  Where with more passive ads, I don’t have to do a darn thing but wait for the money to come in.  Except that check is very small in comparison. 

But then this evening I was reading about some people who have had much success with Google Adsense and have a five figure income.  That’s insane.  Sort of regretting taking that down yesterday.  Maybe I’ll put it back up differently.  But honestly, I don’t think I have the content for a large audience.  It’s just me.  Lil ‘ol Amy chatting about life.  So that leads me to believe that I’ll never have the traffic necessary for the more passive advertising.  So I may as well take a step to generate my own income instead of relying on traffic generation. 

At the same time, I realize there are bloggers that have lots of traffic and make a decent income blogging on very similar topics as mine. 

I feel almost greedy even thinking about all this so much but it’s one of those things where I feel like I’m missing out.  If I’m doing this blogging thing anyway and I can make money doing it then why should it be someone else doing it and not me?  I’m just not sure the best way to do it. 

I don’t want to be wishy-washy and opt out of BlogHer, realize PPP is not for me, opt back in and so forth.  I’m not even sure on the rules on that.

I think I’ve braindumped enough on this subject.  I’m looking forward to Allison’s post this week about it.  Maybe it will help.

As Predicted

Today went pretty much as predicted.  Except for the fact I didn’t clean last night, I cleaned this morning.  I really had to force myself to though.  I SO want to hire someone to do it.  With all the let’s-save-money talk lately I can’t bring myself to make the call.

The IL’s stopped by unexpectedly to get Scott to plug their tire that went flat.  So they stayed through lunch with us. 

After that I headed over to the craft fair.  It was such a great day to get out and do something like that.  The barn it was held in was the perfect setting for all the pretty handmade items.  I was really impressed with how "professional" it all looked and thought they all did a great job setting it up.  I even picked up some new earrings (currently am wearing now — love them, Jen!) and some tea from Jaynee and Jen’s mom.  Jaynee’s blankets and pictures were adorable in person.  Check them all out on etsy.  I’ll let you link to there from their sites.  I just wish they had gotten that article in our paper, I know their traffic would have been up some more.

After that, we headed home.  Lexi fell asleep before we got there so we let her sleep until it was time to go to the Progressive Dinner while we moved more pictures around the house.  Loving the changes we made too.  The living room and dining room look so much more "together".

The Progressive Dinner went really well.  Well, except the part where two of the girls CAUGHT THEIR CLOTHES ON FIRE.  Yep.  They apparently sat them down on the bathroom counter to change from being in the pool and sat them on a burning candle unknowingly.  They were at least smart enough to throw it all in the sink and turn the water on.  I think a Progressive Dinner would be extra fun with all adults and will keep that in mind for something in the future.

For now, Scott is preparing the Sunday School lesson, Lexi is rolling around the living room floor, refusing to go to sleep and I’m printing stuff for Scott and well, blogging.

More new house stuff

Well last night we ended up going to a furniture store and fish camp with my Mom and Dad and ended up with this sideboard table for $99. 


Also, Mom gave us her old table kitchen as well.  Those floral pictures came from the living room.  So now I need more pictures on the living room wall and I still need another lounge chair to replace where we put the glider in my sunroom.

I’m in a MAJOR redecorating mood and would like to go spend a couple thousand dollars if I could.