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Happy New Year, Ya’ll, I’m really going to sleep

Seriously.  Scott went to work at 8.  I dropped the kids off at Mom’s and was back home by 8:45 (after getting almost home and realizing I hadn’t left Mom the van).  I’ve done my share of Interneting and I just took a sleep aid and I plan to be knocked out by the time 2008 rings in.  This will be the first year I don’t stay up.  I may as well start the year I turn 30 off like an old woman.

Happy New Year, folks.  Give someone a kiss for me at midnight.

New Year Fun!

OK, for this one you’re supposed to post the first sentence of the first post of each month and then optionally post a picture.  I was too lazy to actually look up pictures through the year, so I just went through my albums on my computer and it turned into a year of Mommy and her girls.  So here are probably a bunch of pictures you’ve never seen and very random sentences.

For more, go here.



I said last time something didn’t feel right.



Seems like I’ve had to do a lot of catch up posts recently for lack of posting.



I’m literally sick to my stomach this morning.



So Emma broke out in a fever on Saturday.



OMG! Blake was amazing last night.



After a very busy weekend cleaning and getting ready for being gone this week, I’m off tomorrow morning.



I’m becoming depressed at all these entries talking about boys I merely *looked* at…the only redemption I see is that I was 11 when I wrote this.



Posted a 1/2 lb gain this morning.



Let’s start off with some EXCITING news.



Another trooper’s wife sent me this chat today: Hello Amy! I went to the post office on Saturday to mail [another trooper] a package and there was this guy in the line behind me.



So thankful everything is ok with our youth leaders now. 



I bought the soundtrack to August Rush today after seeing the movie on Tuesday and have been listening to it while I clean.

Lack of sleep catching up today

So the lack of sleep for me is catching up with me today.  Saturday night I lay in bed and think I saw the clock at 4am.  I may have drifted on and off but it was definitely not good sleep.  Last night I think it was 1:30 until I got to sleep.   Add in the girls lack of stimulation for being out of school and I’m a little grumpy today to be honest.  Looks like I’m going to be alone for New Year’s.  Scott is working and Mom said she was going to keep the girls.  I may take a sleep aid around 9 and call it a year.

Today, um, Yesterday was good

Yeah, so it’s technically Monday now but I wanted to write a bit about Sunday.  It was the normal church, lunch, throw in family pictures at the local rescue squad, study for youth group, youth group bible study, pick kids up at Mom’s kind of Sunday. 

But I wanted to make note today was our new youth pastor’s first full day at church.  He sat in my Sunday School class which is the 10th-12th grade and then once again this evening when I taught bible study.  We also have planned a guest speaker for Wednesday night as he wants to get a feel for the place before speaking.  But what I was surprised about is how much more talkative he was today than before when he had visited.  He was pretty quiet while I was teaching, not putting any commentary in but he was teasing a lot of the youth before and after and then added some comments tonight after I requested any other input from anyone.  I had kind of been worried he was too quiet than what our group was used to but I think he’s going to work out just fine.  And I was also surprised to find I was quite at ease teaching around him.  Normally I clam up around other adults but I didn’t today.  Maybe it’s just me getting used to being a teacher/speaker.  And I was even more happy when I walked out and realized that may be my last bible study I may have to teach for awhile and really, that takes some weight of my (and other leaders I’m sure) shoulders.  Reinforcements are here!

This evening I have completely wasted spent Interneting.  Well, I did have official work for about an hour when some problems came through and then I’ve been working on my other blog.  So far that blog has totally not been worth my time and money.  We’re getting visitors alright, but unfortunately not seeing much money from it.  Maybe I’m missing on how to do something??  I’m hoping with the new season starting in about a week, it will pick up.  If I’m not seeing much out of it within a few weeks, I may hang on to get my money back and then abandon the whole thing.  No point in pouring all this time into something that’s just a time drainer.  I really do love the show and all and I’d probably post about the show on here like I do others but it’s a lot of work trying to keep up with every single tidbit of info that comes in on the show and cast.

Oh, I suppose it’s officially New Year’s Eve…last day of 2007…unbelievable.

Oh, let me tell you a little story to make us all feel old.  A youth member and her dad were sort of teasing each other and she made some comment like, "You’re so old-fashioned, this IS the twenty-first century, it’s not like it’s the 80s anymore or anything!"  Wow, I think that hurt.

Sunday Scripture

image I’m very sorry I missed last Sunday.  We were out of town the whole weekend and then traveling on Sunday so I guess it just slipped by. My Scripture for this week is Micah 6:8

He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

When asked what a good Christian looks like, it’s usually answered with things like someone who goes to church, reads their Bible and prays.  But that is not at all what God says makes a good Christian.  He says you act justly, love mercy and walk humbly.  That means do what is right and fair but don’t be such a stickler that you forget to throw in mercy when it is due to someone and to always put others and God before yourself.  Always putting others first alone would take lifetimes to master for me but if someone ever calls me a Christian, I hope it’s because I act justly, love mercy and walk humbly not where I spend an hour or two of my time on Sunday mornings.

So how about you? To participate, simply post a verse, a set of verses or even just a reference to a verse that means something to you now or maybe even in the past. Explain why it’s important or don’t. It’s up to you. Go now and post and then come back. Post your name and then a direct link to you blog entry. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to leave yours in the comments. Here is the code for the graphic above.