Pretend Gift Basket

Amanda is having a giveaway and you have to talk about theme baskets.  Well.  I am not a theme gift basket giver type person and I can’t remember a gift basket ever being given to me so I’m going to go off on a random tangent of my own.  Since this is all pretend, I’ve decided to create the Ultimate Men of TV Gift Basket.  This type of basket would be given to, if not yourself, you’re favorite girlfriend.  To truly appreciate they have to be a TV fangirl.  Just ask Allison or maybe even my sister Heather what that is. 

image Since I AM an owner of One Tree Hill site, first up has to be Lucas played by Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill.  Lucas is of course a cutie.  In the tall and lanky type of way.  He would be a great present because hey, he’ll save you in a school shooting and I bet he’ll write poems for you.  Maybe even a book.  And the look.  Oh, he could give you squinty eyed looks that would melt you.



image Next up is Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl.  Because he’s got that boy next door look.  He’s cute even when he’s shy and embarrassed.  He’ll save up every penny he can find to take you wherever you might want to go on a date but he seems to like simple dates like movies and has connections to an art gallery. Plus, he punches people that hurt his sister..that has to say something about his bravery and honor.


image McDreamy is a must for a Men of TV gift basket.  He’s McDreamy!  But not only is he dreamy, the man is a doctor.  He could fix your brain in a jiffy, you know, if it ever needed fixed.  He may need a little help in the housing arrangement department.  But hey, can we talk about how fun those office Christmas parties would be?  Except of course if you’re the Addison and not the Meredith.



image And is it possible to add McDreamy to the basket without adding McSteamy?  Can we just say "towel"?  Will that be enough as to why he needs to be in the basket?  Well, that and he’s a PLASTIC SURGEON.  That would come quite in handy down the road when even if you don’t need surgery now, those droopy eyelids and saggy neckline will eventually haunt us all.




image How about adding in some Mike Delfino?  He may have a drug problem at the moment but he’ll certainly work to death for any children you may have with him.  He can get manipulative, deceptive and violent if needed and hey, he can fix any and all plumbing problems you may have! This Toronto plumbing contractor is also one of the best plumbers I´ve ever had help me around the house.





image We could all use some Jim because I LOVE JIM!  Jim…ahhh…he’s cute in the tall and Gap kind of way.  He’s smart and witty.  You would have tons of fun playing jokes on people and yet be able to at the end of the day doing something romantic like sit on a rooftop with candles.  And I bet if you are a really lucky woman you’d get all the copy paper you needed.




image Oh boy, this basket is getting very full.  I’ll stop here and let the last one be some good eye candy…Shemar Moore of "Young and the Restless" and "Criminal Minds".  Yep, he’s just there to look pretty.


Well I guess doing a theme basket isn’t nearly as hard as I thought.  In fact, I could do several of these.  Amanda, I hope this counts!  I’m officially giving you one of these baskets and hope you enjoy!




  1. Alas, I don’t watch much tv, so this basket would be wasted on me….but it is a clever idea…now a basket with Johnny Depp…that’s the ticket!

    Melissa’s last blog post..Themed Gift Basket Ideas

  2. Johnny Depp was a contender had I not limited it to TV only…

  3. That is a basket worth giving, and receiving!

    Amy’s last blog post..What if I don’t wanna be the boat?

  4. Oh my lord, that was the funniest thing I’ve ever read!! Do I need to send you my address so you can send me my gift basket in time for Christmas? :)

    (thanks for playing!)

    oh amanda’s last blog post..A Recap And Some Begging *updated*

  5. How very cool that would be! Very creative!! 😀

    Christi’s last blog post..The year the gifts were related to cats

  6. Oh my! I think I just found my new BFF! I love One Tree Hill more than a thirty-one year old should!

    Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time reading the actual post for all the yummy pics!

    bee’s last blog post..Why I Love Shrink Wrap More Than My TV

  7. I am salivating………seriously

    Heather’s last blog post..Chad Michael Murrary involved in Toys for Tots