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Thankful Thursday


  • Tax Refunds!

This post has been sitting here all day and that’s all I could come up with.  But it seems to have solved a lot of our stress for now.  So I’m just really thankful for some money coming in soon.

Potty Training Update

I can’t just share bad news about potty training.  It looks as if Emma is back on track with the potty training.  She’s gone in the potty twice today.  Thank the Lord.

I’m still laughing to myself

I keep laughing at this post in my head.  I figure if it was that funny, it’s worth sharing.  Go have a good laugh…again and again.

Daddy Talk

I have a whole page of Mommy talk but I just heard Scott in there saying very sternly…

“Emma you don’t use your shirt sleeve to wipe up hot chocolate on the table!”

Should I mention she’s wearing a plain white turtleneck today?

This means I’m going to have to clean tonight

Alright, this week has been pretty calm around here, hence the lack of what I did today type posts.  But starting in about an hour, I’m going to start being pretty busy through the weekend.  Here’s how it’s going to happen:

  1. I’m going to lunch today to meet Beth.  She’s I think the third fellow blogger I’ve met in person.  Actually Heather is going with me.  We met through our 90 day study and in such a it’s a small world moment, we realized we only live about 10 minutes from each other.
  2. This afternoon I want to take our taxes to get done.
  3. Tomorrow evening at 6:30 I’m having an Arbonne party here.
  4. Saturday morning at 9 I have to go to the church to help prepare our choir dinner.
  5. Saturday afternoon I’m supposed to help with concessions at the youth league basketball games at our church gym.
  6. Sunday is our choir dinner
  7. Sunday after dinner, the youth council is coming to our house for a meeting
  8. Sunday evening I’ll either be at church or watching the Super Bowl depending if they go ahead and cancel bible study.

Whew.  All that meaning tonight I have to clean my house before people come over because I certainly won’t have time this weekend to do it.