Youth Camp, Here I Come

So it seems like I will be going to youth camp as camp counselor for the third year in a row. I really hadn’t planned on going but there was absolutely no other female to go so I did some arranging and I got the kids places to stay so I’ll be headed to StudentLife camp the week of June 16 where Todd Agnew will be the worship leader. I’m getting pretty excited about it now that’s it’s starting to sink in. Camp is always a good time and I hope to enjoy the week. The kids were ECSTATIC when I told them where they were staying each night that Scott works so it’s always good to leave happy kids behind.


  1. I’m going to camp this year too, but I’ve never been before… we go in July… i’m excited and nervous!

    Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity’s last blog post..There’s No Way That He’s a Pastor….

  2. That sounds like a really fun time. You have a special gift with teaching the young girls, and it’s recognized. Maybe nobody else stepped up because He wanted you to do it. All part of the plan….

    Jen’s last blog post..Works for Me Wednesday