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Bachelorette Top 3

I really ruined it for myself tonight. I turned on the tv right after 9 to watch the show not knowing it was on at 8 and see Jeremy sitting in the group of guys for the Men Tell All show. I was like WAIT the top 2 do not go on that show and did I miss a week?? I went through my whole schedule in my head trying to figure out how I missed a Monday. Then I realized it was on just before and I TOTALLY JUST RUINED THE TOP 3. Anyway, I sat through the thing anyway because at that point I just had to figure out how Jeremy was ousted.

Jeremy completely clammed up on their date and I think she finally realized what I thought…that their connection was more about their parents than themselves.

Jason’s date was AWESOME.  In fact, that was probably one of my favorite fantasy dates ever.  Jason completely opened up.  He wanted exactly the same thing as her…to just have fun.  And they really did.  And it didn’t seem forced at all.  They’re so cute together and they both seem so honest and open with one another.  It was really great.

As for Jesse…I really, really like Jesse.  I love how he feels about her and how he opened up to her and had a serious conversation with her.  I like how he still managed to make her laugh.  I love how he compliments her all the time.  I just love Jesse.  He’s just a really cool guy.  I think in the end though they’re going to have logistically problems. I don’t think it’s fair for him to have to leave snowboarding.  I realize he can’t do that his whole life but it seems he’s giving up too much just to make it work.

I was suprised to see Jeremy go and I felt so bad for the guy.  I was so scared when he got out of that limo! I thought he was going to walk back to DeAnna and say something!

I’m happy with the final two and I really, really hope she picks Jason.

We got Wii Fit

I finally have one of my own.  I feel like doing a victory lap around something seeing how hard it was to find one of these things except for the fact that I kind of feel sore and don’t really feel like running at all.  If I were to actually DO the Wii Fit every day which of course I plan on doing *ahem* you really could get quite fit. 

Apparently, however, Mr. Balance Board doesn’t think I’m so fit at the moment though with messages like "your lower body is lacking strength" and "i can tell you fell off the board, work on your balance".  Mr. Balance Board wasn’t very nice to me.  At least I have something to work on I guess.  Let me show you the excitement from tonight…and no, I did not make one of those crazy little hula hoop videos.

We opened the UPS package…I love mail!  Especially boxes!


They got IN the box while I installed batteries


Then got all comfy in with snacks to watch


While I got ready and prepared to hurt.


But it didn’t take long for them to join in…

Let me pause here to apologize for my outfit.  And yes, I did change because I couldn’t get my leg to stay in the yoga Tree pose with the pants on.  And no, the top and pants don’t go together but I was too lazy to completely change into a matching outfit.  It’s not like I was going to get someone to take pictures and post them on the Internet or anything though sheesh.

Here’s the yoga Tree pose. I love how Lexi has her foot on her knee in the front.


We hula hooped.  I seriously wasn’t going to post this but I love Emma’s mouth in this and the fact that she looks like a mini me.  If I were to post the other pictures, you’d see she was following perfectly.


And wow, the RUNNING. I barely made it!  I know I look like SUCH A DORK.  In fact, it looks like I’m about to punch myself in the face.  Can I just say the soccer head butting thing was hilarious when you got hit in the head with a shoe?  I could barely concentrate I was laughing at it so much.  But we really had fun exercising together.



Looking forward to using this thing more.  I really do miss going to the gym and haven’t gotten into my elliptical.    Maybe with this, it will jump start me back into it.  Then again, I think it all depends on how my relationship with Mr. Balance Board pans out.

On Soccer

Emma: Mommy, if we play soccer, I’ll beat you. Watch my skills.

We just bought our first soccer ball today and I have no clue where that skills thing came from.

VBS 2008

VBS Week 2008 is ov-ah. Well, not really. We still have a 3 hour block party to attend tomorrow. But no more responsibility! We had a great week with about 90 kids and 60 workers. It was one of the smoothest ones I’ve seen. One thing I really liked was that crafts, missions, bible class and rec were taught by one person in each for all age groups. Then people like me just carted them around to each. So much less stress.

Emma ended up not doing so great this week. Monday she cried at first then was ok. Tuesday she was fine. Wednesday I found out on Thursday that she cried on and off the whole night. Thursday she floated between Scott and I. I took her to crafts, Scott took her to bible, she stayed with me some and Scott took her to rec but she wouldn’t play so Scott just brought her back to the gym. Tonight Heather agreed to go with us and stayed with her the whole time (thanks Heather! But I think she ended up liking VBS as much as the kids). It worked out great even though Heather said she still wouldn’t play with any of the other kids. I think the problem was the preschool got broken up in to 3s, 4s and 5s and the other 5 year olds are not really her friends since she’s actually an early 5 year old. She’s used to being with the 4 year old class.

She just got so scared and shy when you tried to leave her by herself. She’s fine for Sunday School and preschool but this week was tough. It really, really makes me nervous for school this year.

Emma, in LOST terms, need a constant. She needs one person..whether it’s an adult, a teenager or even another kid that’s her “buddy”. Someone she can always turn around to and say something to or ask questions or hold their hand. And she just didn’t have it this week and she was lost (no pun intended). I am sure in school she will find a little girlfriend and do just fine but wow, she was definitely the high maintenance child this week.

Lexi, on the other hand, was great. When it was time to start, I told her to go sit down with her age group and there she went, not even looking back or saying bye. When the group was singing, she was up and at ’em trying her best to do all those hand motions and singing. Cute as could be! Oh, Scott told me he saw her grab this little boy she’s been friends with (and I think he goes to their preschool too) and hug him and they kissed each other on the lips! In VBS! That girl, she is something!

Let the moosh Whoorl Your Hair Contest

Alrighty, moosh in indy won a crazy amount of money for caulking and drawing in her sink and has decided to share the love and hold a contest.

The winner will be fast tracked to the FRONT! OF! THE! LINE! over at Hair Thursday (you know, the little hair site that has been in the NY Times and on Nightline? Yeah that one, the one with a massive waiting list?) Sarah herself will decide on a new style for the winner, readers will vote, off someone will go to a salon chair somewhere in the world to get a fabulous new do that they will come back and show off on Hair Thursday-all paid for by me and my cock caulk money (up to $140 USD).

Just yesterday I got my hair cut and I was SO tempted to chop it off and go back to a short style.  I decided I might cut it off after my birthday this year so this is GREAT timing.  I’d love to get a second (more like 10th) opinion on whether to keep it long or cut it short and then start my 30s with a FANTASTIC hair cut.  So in order to win this award of awesomeness, I have to show you 3 pictures of my hair…at it’s worst, at it’s best and currently. 

Now, brace yourselves.  I’ve decided to share my afro of a hair cut back in the day for this.  This includes me pre-braces as well so hold on tight.  This alone is why any compliments make my DAY, WEEK, MONTH and YEAR.  I’m still getting over this…


That was middle school, probably 1990.  Still channeling the 80s obviously.  The shoulder pads, the belt, the color, the fabric, the bangs, the perm, the swoosh on the side.  What can I say except let’s move on?

As for my good hair, I’ll share my short good hair although everyone seemed to like my long hair picture in the last post.  But if I go back to short hair, this is the hair I want:


and a month later a bit longer and poofed out for a date night


The best I’ve liked it long is probably from this picture I posted yesterday

As for my current look, here’s my picture from yesterday after my cut..actually as of about 5 minutes ago. 


It’s clearly the very opposite of my afro. Well, not complete opposite.  It is about the same length.  So there ya go.  Hopefully this will win me some mad advice from Hair Thursday and a paid hair cut (because let’s not even discuss how much I paid for my hair cut).  If not, I’m welcoming all advice..what say you?  Long? Extra long? Short? Poofy? Flat?  Permed? Shoulder pads? Ha, just checkin.